Witch Hunt, Justice Or Evil

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Witch hunt, justice or evil


The last execution of form, massive that was carried out in Western Europe, specifically in Paisley, a brutal sentence to the death of many women accused of witchcraft in a Europe where the pacts with the devil, the evil eye, and the conspiration withThe hidden forces of evil were very feared. Persecuted and punished to extreme situations of the most cruel and inhuman forms. Just having a moon on the skin, having as a hob. As well as having a habit considered pagan, it could very well mean the end of many lives.


Physical and also public torture with extremely inhuman cruelty were almost every day’s bread in those times. Executed with him cheerleading of the pool pool, who was convinced to be fulfilling a heavenly mission, asking for blood from innocent people in the most terrifying way. The witch hunt in Scotland was one of the longest prolonging up to 1596 and 1597 with special impetus, they included horrible staging with devastating results. Fear became something everyday at that time. This was sneaking into all houses without exception and you could doubt anyone, even people from their own family. 

They could be accused of very absurd things as being responsible for a bad harvest, a shipwreck, a neighbor’s disease … in the shout of witches!. Only in Aberdeen two men and forty -five women were accused of witchcraft at that time. Half a century later, hunting would continue if all the peoples and villages. Witchcraft was considered a crime and was punished with death as public lesson. María estimated signed an act that ordered it. The madness for killing witches from the late 16th century increased by an incident on the return trip of King Jaime VI and his wife from Denmark. 

When the bad weather caused one of the narcos of the king to be shipwrecked and it was believed that the strong winds were caused by the Berwick witches, a city located further north of England. The king insisted that all witches, of all ages, of all social classes and even their children, deserved death at the stake. In 1603 he was appointed king of England, happening to Isabel I. A series of witchcraft cases appeared before the courts in their new kingdom. Among the most notorious was the trial of the Witches Pendle of 1612. It is necessary to count all of the above to understand the terrifying case of the country’s witches and their curse, which occurred in 1696.

In the witch hunt resurfaced at the time of the crisis and the deficiencies that were lived by Scotland at the end of the seventeenth. It turned out that a girl contracted a strange disease, served as an excuse and was the trigger for 35 people to practice witchcraft of which it is believed that 15 were men and 20 women. It happened in Paisley, a city 11 kilometers from Glasgow. The owner of Bargarron’s house, Christian Shaw, accused a maid of stealing a glass of milk. His mother then cursed the employee named Catherine Campbell saying that "the devil would take his soul". This was the action that originated a whole series of tragedies.

The girl fell sick, a few days later without the doctors not finding any cause for such a strange disease, but, they did see similarities with the cases of Salem, already considerably famous, unfortunately because of the witch hunt that took place fouryears before in the United States, he had spasms, with vomiting, and his bodies were rigid as if it were a corpse. The fact is that the diagnosis was conclusive and it was determined that the girl suffered a demonic possession, that the maid had caused her helped by her family and a circle of friendships. The result was that seven people were sentenced to death.

Margaret Lang, John Lindsay, James Lindsay, John Reid, Catherine Campbell, Margaret Fulton and Agnes Naismith. One hanged himself in his cell and the other six people were hung by the neck until he died and then burned in public, in the Gallow garden in Paisley on June 10, 1697. Agnes Naismith, cursed everyone present and their descendants during the trial, and for many years later, any misfortune that happened in Paisley was attributed to his curse, the curse of Pasley’s witches, also known as Las Brujas de Bargarron. In the place where the victims were unjustly executed, a horse horseshoe.


This horseshoe was replaced in 2008 by the monument you see in the photo with the inscription inflicted pain, supported suffering, injustice committed. Could Christian Shaw have ingested cereals in poor condition? Centeno poisoning symptoms include painful seizures and spasms. Could you suffer from epilepsy? Any of these two could be the cause of his illness, but the case is that the creature lived until 52 years and those poor people, died unfairly. 

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