Why Make An Mba In Your Studies

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Why make an MBA in your studies

The preparation to negotiate has ceased to be an art and has become an articulated study unit. Today, there are academic proposals for optimal business management. One of them is the famous MBA, a cycle of studies that is among the current trends among the executives and entrepreneurs of the present.

The MBA abbreviation responds to the Master Title in Business Administration. In this type of studies, all the issues related to businesses and companies are worked in an integral way. Beyond the commercial area, this program addresses a broad vision of the management of companies at the executive level.

One of the questions that many interested students are asked is their differentiation regarding the master’s degree in Project Management. Certainly, both programs are related and in both we see similar themes. However, some differences could be highlighted.

Master in Project Management. What is it about?

The Master in Project Management has some themes that are also addressed from an MBA. This is clearly seen in matters related to business planning, legal advice and project financing. The idea in almost all similar academic offers is to aim for integral knowledge.

However, when we verify the Project Management programs well, we intuit that they work more for executive advice. There are addressed themes oriented towards strategic planning and the control of projects in particular. In fact, everything that can promote a project is aware.

For example, the Master offered by CEUPE has content for the management of personnel, legal aspects and internal communication. These are all necessary aspects to promote a certain project within a company. Its commercial activity does not matter: the central is planning and everything that entails.

MBA: A door to leadership in business

On the other hand, the vision of the Master in Business Administration is usually somewhat more comprehensive and business oriented. In these studies, marketing and leadership strategies take a fundamental role. In general, these types of programs usually have considerable amplitude

This can be seen in the programmatic content offered by the CEUPE. For example, there are themes related to the commercial management: Marketing and Strategic Marketing Plans Operational. Then we will find the contents aimed at organizational leadership.

As for this last point, students work aspects such as team management, social responsibility for companies, organizational behavior, etc. Of course, the cake of this type of studies is the business level approach. We refer to matters such as Corporate Governance, Business Negotiation and Innovation Management.

What do we win with an MBA?

The MBA is intended for students with executive profile, with management positions in the company. It is precisely the negotiation contents that define the profile of the study. It is not a simple planning: who is in charge of business carries out projection work for the company.

Students of this type of masters earn in confidence and leadership capacity. They are also updated to the new business management perspectives. To have job opportunities in companies and companies today, the fact of studying these high -level studies justifies salary increases.

These are certified knowledge that go beyond the complementation of our curriculum. Casa subject is a tool for development within the job. An added value is the trust we gain when updating in certain areas.

Everything is the profile we occupy

In practice, both masters have their positive aspects and will be complementary. It is not about evaluating which one is better: the important thing is to verify which is more useful for the student. This is defined according to our skills, position in the organization and personal goals.

Studies for Project Management are highly recommended for business advisors. Economists, planning experts and independent counselors will take advantage of. This program works a lot with cases and simulations of scenarios for practice.

Remember that in CEUPE the programs are quite complete. In this institution the face -to -face classes with long -distance activities are combined. This is ideal for those students with schedules and wide labor responsibilities.

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