Why Lick The Cats

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Why Lick the cats


Many species of animals lick and groom themselves to strengthen their social ties. It also helps reduce conflicts within the group. Since the cat lives with you, as part of its social group, it is natural that you participate to demonstrate affirmative behavior. If your cat is generally healthy and they behave normally, licking is a positive indicator that you like and want to be closer.


Why my cat licks my feet?

  • When your cat licks you, you make a great compliant with your cat’s tongue bath is an indication that you feel totally sure in your presence.
  • You are truly a member of your family, and she reinforces that when cleaning her as her mother cleaned her when she was a kitten.
  • Your cat is actively trying to tell you what you want to play.
  • Your cat sees your foot as a moving goal and can’t help attacking it.
  • Your cat wants attention
  • You have some food on your foot and your cat cannot resist a bite.
  • Your cat is giving a love bite, showing affection.
  • Your cat is giving a warning bite, telling you that it is about stimulated


Treatment for cat bites: How to prevent cats of cat bite. If you have peroxide or betadine by hand, you can use them to disinfect your wound.

The deep sharp wounds of cat bites can bleed, and you must apply pressure to stop bleeding and then apply a clean bandage. It is advisable to urgently visit the emergency room. A treatment with oral antibiotics is almost always prescribed in the case of deep sharp wounds, depending on the circumstances of your bite, you may need to think about rabies or tetanus infection, and a medical care provider can help you evaluate your levelrisky.

Infected cat bites are red and painful, and you could have drainage. You can see blows or ampoules. Late stages of cat bites infections can cause fever, weakness, inflammation of lymph nodes, headache and a general sensation of general discomfort.

How does a cat’s slice occur?

Cats snorest during inhalation and exhalation with a frequency that consistent between 25 and 150 rtes. Sound frequencies can improve bone density and raise healing.

Cats snorest when they are happy. Take it and you will feel a small shudder. It is as if I were sending waves of calm.

What happens if you pick up your cat and hug it? Congroneous because he likes or because he is nervous?

Although you will never know exactly what yours says when you have the investigation of animal experts, together with the consideration of the situation, it allows you to make an informed assumption.

Your cat looks relaxed: maybe it’s upside down, with narrowed eyes and almost motionless tail, it is snoring.

He is hungry or wants something

Some cats snoring when it’s time to eat, they have discovered that people can notice the difference between slots, even if they are not owners of cats.

Relief and healing

Even though purring requires energy, many cats do it when they hurt or feel some pain.

With the low slot frequencies, a series of vibrations are felt, within your body that can:

  • Cure bones and wounds
  • Develop muscles and repair tendons
  • Facilitates breathing
  • Decrease pain and swelling.



Cats will also lick people if they like flavor. Natural ingredients found in human perspiration can be appetizing for some cats. Cats can also be attracted to the articles that are put on the skin, such as medical ointments and skin lotions. Actually, this can be a concern if you use certain topical hormonal treatments that lead to negative hormonal changes in cats and dogs. If you regularly use a topical medicine, consult your veterinarian to make sure there is no risk for your poisoning pet.

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