Why Is Gerontology Important In Medellín

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Why is gerontology important in Medellín

Gerontology is a specialty of medicine that studies everything related to aging, this branch covers physical changes and diseases, psychological evolution, and the relationship of the elderly with the social environment, in this way we seekGive a preventive treatment and offer the necessary care to the elderly so that I can enjoy this stage of life.

Thanks to advances in medicine, we have increased the years of life that a person can last, and if we get it with low fertility rates, the number of older adults in the population has increased in the population. The new challenge is to provide a better quality of life to these people, which as part of society must enjoy the same rights and feel integrated.

How gerontology helps the elderly

If the new objective is to provide a better quality of life to the elderly, knowledge about how the body, mind and relationships are affected at this stage must be affected.

The elderly presents different challenges than that of other people, as we know, when you get older the functionalities of our body, we are no longer as agile as before, it costs us a little more to do certain activities, we require medications to supply and combat diseasesAnd in many cases we require assistance;This is completely normal, they are changes that we experience when we cross this stage.

We understand that it is difficult to accept the change towards old age and even more so when we are living a lifestyle that sells us youth and immediacy. Losing that independence and youth causes us stress and triggers a series of ailment and diseases that must be treated for a correct experience of this stage.

People who dedicate themselves to this area of medicine, are highly sensitive and empathic people, know and understand the changes that people experience, and are dedicated to offering treatments to ensure that the elderly live with excellent quality. But this knowledge can bring great benefits to medical professionals regardless of their area of specialization, since it gives them that knowledge about how to understand these patients, who are the ones who most frequent medical and hospitals, and provide more human carethat covers the needs of your patients.

Therefore, it is the gerontologist who can guide both the patient and family members, on how to lead this stage of life, what care we need, that we must keep in mind and that signs must be alert to start a preventive treatment. The last end of that science is to be able to help the elderly who enjoy day by day and do not feel excluded and isolated, on the contrary, they are also part of society and deserve to be treated like everyone else. 

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