Why Europe Countries Are Stopping To Accept Refugees

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Why Europe countries are stopping to accept refugees

Why the countries of Europe are stopping to accept refugees "do well, do not look at who", this phrase looked like the center of modern refugees to refugees. But from wars in the Middle East, many European countries have stopped believing in this philosophy. In this essay I will explain that European countries are stopping to accept refugees, because with refugees they bring social instability and economic burden. 

First, refugees are not good for society’s stability. For example, the country in Sweden had accepted more refugees from any country per capita in Europe. There were many cities in Sweden that had changed shelter cities for the people of the Middle East. The crime index has also increased and that is why many native Swedes cannot live in these cities no more. 

With these problems the population of Swedish had begun to be more radical. The third largest game in Sweden is now a radical match that is completely against immigration. This party is in direct conflict with the other two large games in Sweden, and with this conflict the conflict between the normal and poor population with the officials and the upper class grows. And this conflict is not good for social stability or country development. And although the country of Sweden has not stopped accepting refugees, it is a very good example of a bad immigration model for other countries. Refugees are also not good for the economy. 

The countries of southern Europe had signed a plan to reduce and control the number of immigrants. Every year millions of asylum seekers reach the Coast of the Mediterranean to escape wars in the Middle East. But countries in the Mediterranean do not have the ability to help. Countries like Greece and Italy do not have good economy and refugees generally do not work and live on government help. France also has a problem. The problem is that there are still people to feel forgotten. 

There are people in France who live a difficult life and need help. With these people, the help of the Government of France to refugees, be it a bigger economic burden than everything. 

In conclusion, European countries are stopping to accept refugees because they are not in a position to help. To them, stability and economy is more important than being kind.

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