Who Has Taken My Cheese: Synthesis

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Who has taken my cheese: Synthesis


The revelation was deep. The most important thing was that he did not rest too much on the ability to reason each. And any mouse will tell you that this attribute is the seal of all the great truths. Thus, it was accepted as the greatest truth and, certainly, the most important. And it was all very simple. 

The book made it clear: things change. You can stay there sitting and complaining, or you can change with the times. Do not be afraid of change. Accept it. It is not in your hands to control what happens in the labyrinth. What you can control is your reaction. However, the fact that all mice have come to understand this information, it did not mean that everyone was able to put it into practice. Some achieved it totally. They learned that change is inevitable and uncontrollable. 


They accepted that they were helpless to control the functioning of the labyrinth was destiny, they said, and promised to adapt. Many others got it to a lesser extent. They still had moments of fear, immobility, depression and despair. But those moments were less frequent than in the past. These mice improved their luck in the maze considerably. Of course, there were also mice that rarely thought about what the cheese Bible taught them. 

They agreed with her, in principle, but they had no time or energy to change their way of acting. The truth is that it is difficult to abandon a habit. They would already do it later, maybe next week, maybe next year. Together, life in the labyrinth was now very different. In the past, when the cheese changed from one place to another, all mice desperate. 

They couldn’t understand what was happening. They cursed their luck. They sat down, waiting, in the old corner of cheese, and prayed to return. They stirred and got in a bad mood. They got angry and made a life already difficult even worse. Ah, but after reading the cheese Bible, the mice reacted differently. 

The disappearance of cheese was still traumatic and it was impossible to understand why it had gone. But now they began to go in search of new cheese deposits. Those who had fully adopted the philosophy of the cheese Bible were the prime ros to get going, in search of new cheese. Those who had problems with philosophy, who found them difficult to abandon the old customs, acted more slowly. But they also understood that they had to change with constantly changing times. 


They also, finally, went to look for more cheese. Learning to change with the times, the mice managed to find more cheese. They found him faster than in the past. The cheese Bible was right! They had cheese more cheese, and faster than ever before. Things do not go much better if you are a mouse. Therefore, mice no longer questioned why cheese disappeared. 

Everyone agreed that these questions have no response. They did not try to devise plans to try to prevent cheese from disappearing. Only a fool would think that it is possible to control the destination. Above all, they never asked that question so unreasonable again: «Who has taken my cheese?»Now life was simpler. Everything was reduced to a very simple equation: you want cheese The cheese is no longer here, go to another place to look for cheese. Well looked, for a mouse in a maze, cheese is the only thing that really matters. But well there was also one that was called Max. And Max was totally different. Author: Darrel Bristow

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