Who Has Taken My Cheese: Fisgen And Elusive

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Who has taken my cheese: fisgen and elusive


This book talks about two mice called fisgen and elusive, and two very small people, Hem and Haw, who live in a maze, and to survive they must find the cheese that is in several stored deposits. One day, they arrive at the wank Q, which is full of cheese and abuse it until the slightest piece remained. When this occurs, the mice, by instinct, run to look for more cheese throughout the labyrinth, while the little people hoped that new cheese appear in the tank. 

After days, both lose strength due to lack of cheese, until one day, Haw goes out in search of a new deposit full of cheese. On his tour, Haw, wrote phrases through all the walls of the labyrinth. Meanwhile, the mice had already found another full tank that is also found by Haw when running through the labyrinth. Hem was the only one who was waiting for him to return the old cheese of him, despite the fact that his friend Haw changed the way of thinking about him and went back to cheese.


The four characters of this work are important, they are characters that we have once been throughout our life. Fesgón is characterized by acting instinctively, that is, the smell of him helps in decision making. Then elusive, which, through the questions of Fisgón, intends to go in the search for new things. That is, both are a complement to meet the objectives. Continuing with Haw, who, with instinct and sense of overcoming, manages to meet his goals, and hem who does not have any of the virtues said above, moreover, during the story he was never able to risk and go out in search of a new cheese.

In this case, cheese would be what each of the little ones yearned for, was something that undoubtedly every human being struggles to obtain, perhaps not quite, but to level it throughout his life. The most difficult thing is like getting to that goal or goal, it is here where the text speaks of the fear factor and uncertainty, since they are undoubtedly the fears that make us stop acting and trying to go for new challenges in our lives. This work is a metaphor that can be applied to all situations of our life, either in the sentimental, business, family and personal. Where, how each individual being develops in their daily lives to meet their goals.

If we put ourselves as an example a situation of everyday life, in the business field, cheese would be a company and what happens with this?, Well, Haw’s role would be the person who gets the business forward, makes you understand that people should not fall asleep, but rather awake to the market and pending that said company, in the future, can grow or expand. Hem’s role would be, that company that would be in broken bank, since he does not have liveliness to be able to achieve goals, more, his fears make it stagnate and that is why he has no vision of the future.

In the lives of people, the stage of fisgon and elusive would be their childhood and a part of adolescence, since at that stage we act without thinking and without major questions, as is the case of mice. That is, there is no question in the minds of children in the minds of children, since they lack previous bad experiences that make it doubt their act.

With the progress of time, we, people, we are acquiring new responsibilities and challenges in our life, this entails, most of the time, to certain risks that often make us doubt in our actions. On several occasions we are afraid of previous failure. If one has an objective in mind, he has to fight to achieve it, we will always find barriers that hinder that path, but we must overcome them and follow the course we think is correct. 

Things do not arrive for themselves, it is one who has to travel and strive to achieve that dream. Nor should we get carried away by the momentary pleasures of life that are crossed on the way, if not always looking in the future, since these make us deviate from our goals and objectives that we set out from the beginning.

The theme that you want to imply with this work is the adaptation to a world or society that is found every day and at every moment in constant change. My opinion about the latter is that people, initially, most of the time they flatly refuse to accept that things are no longer the same and that they are changing, until a certain moment comes when it is seen in the need to make change. 

On the other hand, every human on the planet has a way of thinking and acting when he faces a situation. I think that people will always be trying to help themselves in complicated circumstances, but as in the previous history, we cannot change the way of thinking of a person until it sees itself the change that would represent thinking and act in another way. I think that basically the lesson of this story is to adapt quickly to change, not wait for everything to get to us like this, out of nowhere.

This story presents solutions such as: having the present very clear and having a view in the future, to put goals and meet them. The most important thing within these challenges is to be clear that once they are fulfilled immediately, you should think of another new challenge or simply act in the face of new situations that are presented to us, in order to stay alive and without fear of the new cheese, since everything is always in a constant change.

Having analyzed this book, we should improve our way of facing the changes. Starting by identifying our fears, that is, they make us reflect to make decisions for our well -being; We must not let fear stop us, because the important thing is to know that we are walking directly to our goals or objectives, transferring any barrier that crosses us.


For these reasons we must always think about positive, always be clear about our thinking and actions, or as people say today, “if you are not happy with what you have, you must change the way you are doing things and in this way you will get results different". Believe me that, if we started by changing our thoughts, it would be an excellent beginning, since it is a step that would take us for a while, and when it reaches the top, so to speak, rather than rejoice in that feat, you have to rejoice for the great positive change that each one has obtained and experienced.

To conclude, who has taken my cheese? The author teaches us that, in life, one can reach his cheese, understanding this term as everything that the human being yearns to progress in the personal, work and even economic sphere, but to reach him, he must overcome the obstacles that can appear on the road. It can be said that, through this story, Johnson shows us the importance of accepting and facing the changes, understanding them positively to lead us to new opportunities in our lives. 

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