Who Has Taken My Cheese: Fable

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Who has taken my cheese: Fable


This simple and ingenious fable can be applied to all areas of life. With words and examples understandable even for a child, he teaches us that everything changes, and that the formulas that served at the time can become obsolete. The cheese of the story represents anything we want to achieve ‘happiness, work, money, love’ and labyrinth is reality, with unknown and dangerous areas, dead ends, dark recesses.

Once upon a time there were two little mouses and two little men who lived in a maze. These four characters depended on cheese to feed and be happy. As they had found a room full of cheese, they lived for a very happy time. But one day the cheese disappeared. Smelling and running they went in search of a new cheese, touring all the cheese plants that found on their way, while the Kif and Kof people continued to discuss what they should do.


The mice smelled and ran, after a long adventure, they reached a delberinto area in which they had never been: the central quesera n. When they entered what they were looking for: a great cheese reserve.It was the largest amount of cheese that mice would have seen in all of life. The Kif and Kof people continued at the Qreflexiona and evaluating the situation. 

These little people suffered the effects of hunger due to lack of cheese. When Kof invited Kif to go in search of the new cheese, he refused saying that he was very good in the centrals that it was a comfortable and known place, he also left was dangerous;But Kof told him that he shouldn’t fear, since they had previously traveled many labyrinth areas and could do it again. They had many indecisions to undertake the search for the new cheese, they were even very weak, due to hunger and stress. 

The restless Kof began to get bored of waiting for the situation to improve. After many hardships and sterile reflections he said, one day, in a decisive voice: the time has come to return to the labyrinth;Kif did not react. Kof decided to go out in search of the new cheese. Then he entered the labyrinth, advancing with a quick step towards the unknown. Kof, during the successive days, found some cheese here and there;But they were not amounts that hard a lot of time.

After performing a difficult adventure, he returned to the central Quesera Q and still found Kif, taking some pieces of cheese, but he rejected them and said: I don’t think I like that new cheese. I’m not used to him. I want my cheese to return me, and I will not change your attitude until that happens. Disappointed Kif’s behavior came out alone and entered the labyrinth. Kof had lost fear of dark labyrinth and felt happy. After an intense search, and thanks to his perseverance, he found a new cheese at the Central Quesera N. Kof, upon entering, was completely amazed at what he saw.

There were the largest cheese mountains that I would have seen. Did not recognize them all, since some were totally new to him. For a few moments he doubted, he thought if that was reality or just the product of his imagination, but then he saw Olí and ran. The Olí mouse welcomed him with a movement of the head, and the mouse ran greeted him with the leg. 

The person Kif returned the warm welcome greeting and immediately began to try his favorite cheeses. When he had eaten until satiety, he took a piece of the new cheese raised him to the sky as a blessing and said: For the change. While savoring the new cheese, Kof thought about everything he had learned. Then he realized that, while he had been very afraid of change, he had clung to the illusion of an old cheese that no longer existed. 


According to Kof, I had made it change the fear of starving. When the change was given, he had not liked it, but now he understood that it had been a blessing, since he had led him to find a better cheese. He had even discovered a better part of himself. The person kif, on the other hand, was hungry and spent complaining and asking: 

Who has taken my cheese?. Kof thought his friend Kif had to find his own path, leaving all the comforts and fears behind. And go out at dawn and advance. No one could do it for him, nor convince him to do it. In one way or another, the advantages of changing for your good had to do for themselves. Each person has an idea of what cheese is and you go after him in search of happiness when we get cheese we feel happy, but when we lose it we feel a sense of pain and a traumatic experience. 

Life is not a corridor but a maze in which we must find our lost and confused path trapped in a dead end if in the search for cheese we have faith we will open a door that although perhaps I do not know that we want in the end will give us stabilityAnd if we are still looking for it, we may find new opportunities

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