Who Has Taken My Cheese As A Story

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Who has taken my cheese as a story


Who has taken my cheese? It is a story that teaches us how to adapt to the changes that happen in our lives. That our cheese our career, personal life, studies can move from the place where it is and that we, if we do not want to lose it, we must follow it. Many people have been able to overcome obstacles in their life subtletizing this story as teaching. 

The story of a commentator is even mentioned that, not wanting to narrate the sports that did not seem familiar, he was about to lose his job. The history of cheese and the certainty of knowing that changes will always be present in life managed to motivate him to strive and adopt a more positive attitude in his work. Before starting the story, Michael, former captain of the school soccer team, said he was also afraid of the changes, in response to what Nathan had said, former schoolmaker from the school. 


Michael said that his life and his fear of change became minors when they told him the parable that he was going to convey below: the story begins with the introduction of four characters: Kif, Kof, Oliy Corre. Oli and ran were mice and kif and kof, small humans. The mice did not have a very developed brain, at least not like that of Kif and Kif, but they always followed their instincts. Kif and Kof, on the other hand, were more sober when thinking about the circumstances and had a belief system that did not possess the mice.

Although they were different from each other, the mice and the little ones were looking for the same: cheese. Once, touring the labyrinth, kif, kof, oli and cori they found a cheese: the cheese. There were a lot of cheeses of different flavors and sizes; They were like to be there. One day, without notice or, at least, so kif thought, the cheese had disappeared. Kif and Kof began to be affected by what had happened and could not give credit to their eyes for what they were seeing. 

The cheese was empty and did nothing but lament for the unfairness of the situation. But was the disappearance of cheese so sudden? Not really. While Kif and Kof assumed that there was going to be cheese for every day, the mice didn’t have that security. Every day they inspected, using their senses, if there was still cheese. Kif and Kof continued to go to the cheese that every day, without doing more to regret, lose their sanity and cling to what was once. But every day they passed without cheese was worse. 

They began to blame each other and continue saying that the situation was not fair. Meanwhile, in the labyrinth, they were oli and ran, that they had already found a new cheese: that they would be. Which held an unlimited amount of cheese and many flavors. In the cheese q, kif and kof they continued doing the same: wait for cheese to return. However, Kof, using the reasoning capacity he possessed, thought that perhaps the cheese would not return. 

Although Kif was still in denial, Kof already imagined that the mice were in a new cheese cheese. One day, Kof could no longer endure the situation in which he was. Every day for him, and for Kif too, they were a martyrdom, and he thought that going to the maze and looking for a new cheese was not as bad as he believed. Yes, he hadn’t gone in a good time, but maybe it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Kif did not want to leave the place claiming that it was an already known place and that it is better to wait in a comfort zone than to venture to new territories.

Kof came out of the cheese, but not before trying to persuade Kif to go with him, and risked to return to the labyrinth. It was not an easy path, but, despite fear and insecurity, he kept walking and looking for new cheese. Although it seemed that he advanced two steps to go back, he kept fighting, but, as he was despair, he felt fear of following his way. 

However, he asked himself: what would we do if we were not afraid? Fear is a good fuel when changing, but this only happens with the "good" fear, which makes you advance when you are in a situation that can leave you in complete ruin. Kof continued to progress; He left messages for him, if he dared to leave the cheese to walk through the labyrinth, Kif. 

Messages such as: Cheese Smells to know when it starts to gamble, advance in a new direction to find new cheese. Kof, although he was very bad and only fed on the few cheese crumbs he found, continued on his way and realized that the best moments he spent were the ones he lived next to his friend moving for the labyrinth. 

He stopped a moment to think about the funny situation and that, if he had seen how cheese reserves began, gradually decrease, he would not be so desperately looking for new cheese. One day, as if it were an illusion, he found himself in front of a new cheese: cheese. His candy was not impact when he saw his friends’s friends, with the bells filled cheese, inside the place. He realized that he had never seen a cheese as supposed as that and that, finally, he had achieved new cheese for him.

Although he wanted to take a little cheese to his friend so that he might change his mind regarding what he did, he encountered a problem: maybe he would not find the cheese shop again; Besides, he hadn’t insisted once? What would change your mind? He realized that only Kif could overcome his fears and venture to find new cheese. I didn’t want to read the third part: 

The debate, because I feel that knowing the opinions and experiences of others would cloud my personal vision of the meaning of the story. Personally, it seemed like a very entertaining story and, at the same time, very timely. Many times, I have not been in a very comfortable situation. In general, change is a "last option" for me. Although I have not been in an adverse situation strong enough to change in a drastic way, I have done it in a gradual and cumulative way.


It is difficult to leave an environment in which one feels comfortable to enter a new one that makes us doubt. But I think, if our cheese is in the place we think, then the change is not only necessary, but satisfactory. I want to consider myself as an oli, a person who perceives changes in the environment and smells when to adapt. 

But I think that, being honest, I am more like a Kof, a person waiting until the last moment to embark on a better place, a new search for a new cheese. It doesn’t matter how or when is the change, that’s the only sure thing in such a chaotic world. Ironically, the only sure thing in our life is that nothing is certain; But on us depends on the way we face it and it depends on us if we want to be like ol, ran, kif or kof.

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