Which Is Part Of A Person’S Heritage

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Which is part of a person’s heritage

Heritage, subsume to the entire set of goods, rights, loads and obligations, relevant to a natural, physical or legal person. The word heritage comes from the Latin Patri ‘father” and Monium "received", which represents "what was received by paternal line". Where the concept of heritage, is looked into Roman law, during the Roman Republic, a period in which it was the family and inheritable property of the patricians (of Pater, ‘father’) that was transported from generation to generation and to which all themembers of an extensive family, they were entitled.

In past times, the notion of heritage did not have a formal or aesthetic price like that we were familiar, but was identified by its uniqueness and extravagance. In which the ways of acquiring these objects were either by trips, exchanges and, also, from the ankle boots emanating during expeditions or wars, being these appreciated more as a possession, in which each one had an incomparable value, dueto the possibility that he promised to increase knowledge and not so much for his aesthetics or his beauty, since that was not the most important.

This would change flatly during the Hellenistic period, when ankle holders began to consider the storage of these. Being like, from then.

All this, leads us to understand the evolution that the heritage has had, to recognize that one of the complicated tasks has been to be able to define it, this is due, to talk about heritage, it involves colliding on the various meanings of the concept that range fromThe strict legal conception, to the concepts qualified as Cultural Heritage, World Heritage, Collective or Corporate Heritage.

Which, has come to capture our greatest interest, giving rise to the creation of this essay, therefore, in order to study and publicize basic notions, establishing much more precise definitions, since it is necessary to know the characteristics a little morethat he has, together with the theories that comprise it, as well as the relationship he has for real rights and obligations in order to recognize the differences that individualize them. 

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