Which Is Child Trauma

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Which is child trauma


Childhood traum. (National Institute of Mental Health) An event or series of events that are emotionally painful that a person experiences in childhood. There are certain events that can be mortal. But are these types of traumas? Children’s traumas are what influence adult life, since they worsen development and health. 


This prevents forgetting and moving forward in a normal lifestyle. The person’s maturity level becomes different. This happens to a character in the book Crystal of Cristal. Peter Stillman is a character who suffers from these characteristics and can be told that he suffers from a trauma. He was a victim of abuse, since his father locked him at 3 years. He was released 9 years later;He was all the childhood locked up, so he developed a trauma and fear of his father. With this, Paul Auster will improve Crystal City.

Auster was born in 1947, in New Jersey. Crystal City is a known work. This is the story of Daniel Quinn, a young writer who receives a call from the beautiful Virginia Stillman. She looks for detective Paul Auster, but Daniel Quinn ends up contacted. This pretends to be the detective and accepts the work offered. This work is about investigating Peter Stillman, a man who bases his life on finding a new form of language.

Types of traumatic events contribute to the mental health of Peter Stillman’s childhood and affect his future.

There are several types of traumas. Each of them is captured in different ways, this depends on the person. The most common is rejection. A child accepts his parents and knows that he is dependent on them. That said, when a father shows no act of love or love towards his son, causes emotional damage. The child later will develop a feeling of rejection. 

You will feel that it is not worthy enough to receive love and will have a very low self – esteem. In relation to the work of Cristal de Cristal, Peter Stillman is identified with this type of trauma. Peter’s father used it for his experiments, which deteriorated his health status. This would be a more extreme case of rejection, since many people only live it in a more common way. But perhaps Peter’s father had some type of trauma? This has to have some kind of mental problem to lock your child, don’t you?


Is there a relationship in children’s traumas and mental health? Yes. It is a problem whose result comes in the form of cause and effect. Peter was locked up for a lot of years, this led him to madness. There are other factors that would come being the cause of Peter’s mental state, such as his mother’s death. The death of a father is a fairly strong event for the emotional capacity of an infant.  

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