Which Implies Study Of Critical Thinking

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Which implies study of critical thinking

One of the problems that critical thinking on the table is that a general approach that covers what critical thinking implies. This is because talking about him is necessary to refer to philosophy, since the vast majorallow you to get to reliable knowledge. For this reason it is imperative to know what we understand by critical thinking. A definition of critical thinking is the one offered by Dewey, which says: “The active, persistent, and careful consideration of a belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the bases that support it and the consequent conclusions to which it tends".

This conception is due to the modus operandi of critical thinking, where the subject must maintain a persistent and scrutinizing discipline about the infused beliefs or knowledge;Or in other words, maintain an attitude that does not allow anything of course, thus the attitude must be seconded by a method that allows the critical thinker.

As stable the mini-guide for critical thinking concepts and tools the “critical thinking is that way of thinking directed, disciplined and self-regulated, in which the thinker appropriates the structures of the fact of thinking and thus theEgocentrism and natural centrism are overcome ".

It can also be said that the framework of critical thinking is characterized by being the cognitive process that includes the analysis of the scenarios by pushing prejudices and feelings in a reflexively and rational way, this process can be conceived from the different spaces of everyday life, in thesocial, academic, military, health, among others.

Currently, on the subject of the Covid 19 pandemia associated with the consequences it generates, it can be seen that those responsible for the health area use amounts of methods and plans to counteract their lethal effects on the population, through the elaboration of the vaccines that would comeTo solve the problem and this is nothing more than the use of critical thinking in order to seek a definitive solution. . 

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