When The Punishment Goes Beyond Death

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When the punishment goes beyond death


One of men’s greatest intrigues is to know what happens after death. Years Man has been questioning if what is written in the Holy Scriptures is true: if it is true that heaven, purgatory and hell, who will go to each of them?, What is the physical appearance of these places?

Of the three places he feels more curious about the last, hell, where those souls who have not reached or wanted to reach the glory of God arrive, things are usually asked as if hell is lived by the same man during his life,paying each of its sins or if hell lives it after the light of life has been off, that is, if the punishment is able to transcend one’s death and force the soul of man to adjust all his accounts he leftPending in life.

We can often perceive the fear of the death of many people, but more than a fear of stopping living, it is the fear of what will happen later;To that little or no knowledge that we have for what will happen later to lose our lives. We understand the punishment as that penalty or sanction to which a person is forced because he has committed an infraction;And death as that event that ends the life of every living being. According to the Christian religion, when he died, the spirit of man starts from his body and migrates. At this stage the soul will be played depending on its actions, its true regret and if you have accepted God as your Lord.


Greek mythology, I believed that after death, the destiny of the Ama is to stop to Tartaro. For this to happen and that the soul does not suffer, their relatives must take care of giving it a proper burial, completely respecting each step of the ritual (for example, introducing a currency to the deceased in order that with this one he would pay his passage to Caronte).

In the work Christmas story written by Charles Dickens and published in 1843, he tells us the story of Mr. Scrooge, a totally greedy man, who saw at Christmas an absurd date to pay bills and get older. From the visit he receives from his former partner, Jacob Marley, who tells him that his only opportunity to save himself from the sentence that Marley’s soul today carries is to accept the visit of the three spirits;that of past Christmas (transporting it until his childhood), that of Christmas present (Christmas day), that of future Christmas (in which Mr. Scrooge finds out about his death and the indifference of the people). 

Through everything Mr. Scrooge manages to observe during these trips with the three spirits, he allows him to become an example of generosity. This work is related to the classic theme of punishment after death and we can clearly show it in: first, in the case of Mr. Jacob Marley, who had already died seven years ago, however, he is presented to hispartner Mr. Scrooge in the form of a ghost who drags chains and purses, chests, papers as a symbol of the greed, petty that was. 

All these chains were formed during their life and when he died, the punishment for being a man who concentrated only at work, thinking that this would give him happiness and that he turned his back on society, transferred death, since theHe tells his former partner that since he died he has not been able to rest and that he is from one place to another loading for the rest of his life with those chains. 

After his death he manages to understand that the money and all the time he dedicated to this never served him and no matter how he tried to regret it, this will not take him anywhere. Apart from your own punishment that tells us, you can also see another punishment. This is on the part of the people who, when Marley died, does not give them interest, even many people have not even learned about his death and sometimes confused Mr. Marley with his partner.

It can also be observed in the ghost that Mr. Scrooge manages to visualize through the window, he was deeply lamented, since despite wanting to help a poor woman, it was because he had lost the ability to help the living, all thisIt represents the punishment that this ghost received for having dedicated his life to banal things, and can be seen how that punishment transcends to death itself since the ghost does not contemplate the scene of that poor woman, it is not a simple spectator, but suffersAnd he feels helpless for not being able to do anything. Even being dead, he is able to suffer all that pain and in that lies the idea that the punishment transcends death.

In the other ghosts that Scrooge can already see which his former partner joins them. These ghosts cried and lamented, they brought chains similar to those of Marley, that is, I have been men who sought happiness in the material, greed was made of them and not dedicating their lives to doing something in favor of their fellow man and notrealize in life of the serious mistake they made, they were condemned to an eternal martyrdom.

This topic is also reflected in the case of Mr. Scrooge himself, this like his partner, he focused on money and work, those were the only engines of his life. He had renounced everything even love, he saw in others a slave (Bob) or someone who only served to get money (poor children, etc.). Marley knows that in life he is forging a chain equal to his and that he has a last chance to avoid that outcome. More specifically, when the spirit of future Christmas, it shows how his life will end, if he remained the same. 

Not only should it load with those chains, but also evidence the punishment he receives from the living: his employees steal his belongings, nobody wants to go to his funeral, nobody feels compassion for him, even a couple upon learning of theDeath is glad. As we have previously defined, the punishment is an obligation to which the individuals who have performed bad acts are subject, in the case of this work the punishment is directly related to greed, greed, since it implies that, if, ifWe put primacy and as the center of our life money, work or other material things, without realizing we will renounce what really makes us happy and like Mr. Marley, we will be tied to the chains that we build and regret late.


In conclusion, the classic theme of the punishment after death, not only had great impact on the Greek culture, but this issue has served as inspiration for new contemporary works as in the case of Christmas story, where this issue isEvidence clearly: in Marley paying his attitude avara and in that of his partner, who through the appearance of Marley and with the spirits manages to understand that everything he thought was happiness, was transmitted in his acquaintances with a hatred, aindifference or total penalty towards him. 

In addition, he tells us that we cannot let our goals to get ahead blind us and that the money leads our life, becoming beings without feelings, but also emphasizes that it is never too late to repent and free ourselves from those chains, however, although notWe can determine if our sins are paid on earth (in life) or that our soul when we get rid of our body, since we have died, travel and reach a place where after being judged it will live happy or condemn forever, we understand wellThat good or bad actions will have their reward, in the specific case of this work, it presents that all these bad actions (mainly related to greed, and little empathy) are paid by the deceased’s own soul.

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