When Pornography Becomes A Standardized Production

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When pornography becomes a standardized production

When pornography becomes a standardized and massive production, it is introduced into the capitalist flow and that is when we reach the point where we are currently: Internet. Between 1995 and 2000, several pornography producing companies begin to join the Internet as Playboy in 1994 or Hustler in 1995. We understand then as mainstream pornography all that consumed through the use of electronic resources, through the Internet. This type of pornography has caused a series of problems, since it is based on the practices of domination of men towards women, being valid for this violence. 

Conventional pornography develops through printed films or images, distributed by illegal magazines or channels;Although there is also a physical point of sale known as sex-shop. The impact of this porn has always been lower for two reasons: on the one hand because its consumption was a cost, and on the other because you publicly exposed yourself as a consumer. However, mainstream pornography is characterized by being totally anonymous and free, in addition to its immediacy, closeness and decontextualization of sexuality. 

Pornography industry since its inception has moved a lot of money internationally. It is estimated that it generates between 5 and 10 billion dollars annually worldwide. The study "New Pornography and Changes in the interpersonal relationships of teenagers and young people" of 2019 raises a series of paradigms in the vision of pornography that have affected their own consumption: “over the last years, between 2008 and 2018,There have been a systematically connected set of changes and that have generated a series of unexpected effects. Why can the year 2008 be raised as a reference for the beginning of the changes? Among other things because it is the year in which the development and mass consumption of the new smart mobiles begins ”. At present, the construction of our sexual identity that was previously consolidated in adolescence has been advanced due to the change that our culture has experienced, since smartphones have become the central axis of any activity. Therefore, “the new pornography is related to two phenomena also linked. 

First, with the sexual misery imposed by patriarchy, as long as a free and egalitarian sexuality cannot be developed, pornography will continue to gain ground in the experience of sexuality. The other phenomenon is that of capitalism that penetrates private lives ”. According to this study, most pornography consumers are men, thus counting 87%, while visualization by women has increased 20% in the last five years. However, 50% of these consumers admit that their sexist and violent sexual behaviors have increased. In the study mentioned above, Ballester states that this problem can be addressed by making changes in sexual education within the classrooms, a question that we will deal with later. One of the problems that the conception of pornography has in society is that this is separated from the cinematographic cultural industry, being considered as an independent entity that lacks many times of narrative. Egaña affirms that: “Pornographic sex is not functional to procreation, it is a sex that as an objective has pleasure and pure spending."[…] 

In pornography, ellipsis and conventional cinema metaphor (sexual act) are replaced by the sexual act itself, generating a new ellipsis, particularly pornographic, which contains everything that is left over (affective relationships, the "preamble", psychological conflicts, conversations, among others)."Therefore, citizens reproduce what they see, thus becoming porn into the model to follow in their sexual relations. The practices that appear in the mainstream porn are carried out and those that converge the rules, that is why we fall into homogenization and regulations are crossed out. Egaña imposes on the problem that means considering the fictitious actions we see in porn: “said enunciation has as its backdrop the desire to validate and perpetuate as real that type of representation that stages conventional porn, leaving out any kindof alternate representation or other way of staging the pleasure that is not ejaculatory. Double trap or rhetorical exercise: the documentary as real, porn as documentary, ergo, porn as real ”. 

Some authors such as Elena del Barrio-Alvarez and Eva Garrosa also argue that the supposed freedom of expression by which they advocate these productions is aliborate by the taboos: “If we analyze the content shown therein (in mainstream pornography) we find that we find ourselves thatThis freedom of expression is altered when dealing. What is achieved with this is to strengthen the stereotypes of masculinity and femininity that are present in heteropatriarchal society. As Egaña points out, the pornographic industry has lost the transgressive potential of its origins to fall into the hands of the system: “Although traditional pornography maintains the subtext of the deviation installed since the time of Sade, it has emptied its transgressive potential, threatening todayonly with the pathological risk decreed by the scientific control of sexuality ”. 

Porn, therefore, places women in the background, behind the male figure. Keep in mind, we realize that pornography shows what the male look wants to see: products that perpetuate imposed and hierarchical roles and respond to the ideas of heteronormative sexuality. Therefore, porn is taught from the masculine view, through which women are seen as a penetrable object stripped of their individuality.  

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