What You Should Experience In Kuala Lumpur

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What you should experience in Kuala Lumpur


If you want to witness one of the most attractive tourist referents, Kuala Lumpur in Malasia; It is the destiny that will leave you stunned, with its modern architecture and its dream landscapes. Since you arrive in Malaysia, excursions in Kuala Lumpur are perfect with tuexperiencia.com crossing its extraordinary commercial, urban and cultural nucleus. Place that houses the iconic Petronas towers that, with 88 plants, are the ultra -high twin towers of greater height that exist. It has its oldest and most traditional side, for example, the enigmatic Sri Mahamariamman: a very old Hindu temple, whose colorful iconographic totem of its facade is captivating.


When you go for the central market you take one of the experiences in Kuala Lumpur with tuexperiencia.com more fun, where they practice shopping with products, craft pieces and revelry. There are other places to go, buy, share. The Great Avenue K Shopping Mall can be an interesting part of the Tours in Kuala Lumpur with Tuexperiencia.com; Where do you have fun while you buy. A beautiful shopping that is open until late. This shopping center is open until high hours, because it has some bars/bowling inside. You can go to Black Bull at night who is a bowling. Is behind the petrons.

The best place for Dim Sum lovers. Especially Otak Serai and Petai Pao; highly recommended. The Gardens Mall is also close to the MID Valley Megamall, both connected by an air bridge. High range stores and a variety of food and boutique stores. Interest sites such as some museums are one of the popular attractions in Kuala Lumpur that tuexperience.com offers all visitors, especially the Museum of Illusions. An interesting museum, very small, but very fun.

Varied illusions, especially vortex, kaleidoscope and staircase upside down very good. The puzzles are also difficult and fun for children. There are many tricks like the cube and the heart. If you go with the couple or family it will be great. What to do in the cruise tours in Kuala Lumpur are so many fun and relaxing things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur, that you can choose them by category. Turn your dream into reality and dare to know an elephant sanctuary during the tours in Kuala Lumpur with tuexperience.com, whose visit to this conservation station is sensational; And it’s just part of these tours.

It will be a joy to have a private walk through the facilities, they allow you to manipulate some food for elephants. Excellent staff, elephants are kindly treated just seeing them bathe in the river is a real pleasure. You pass through the Royal Palace, the Batu Cave, show you a natural rubber storage place, threaded rubber trees and much more. Another magnificent fun, among so many attractions in Kuala Lumpur that tuexperience.com recommends is Atv Adventure Ride Park Kampung Kemensah. If you like to give small touches in your own self-Controlled SUVs (ATV). 

They give you excellent travel options (long, short, medium) and fun in general. You may live a fantastic emotion on wheels on the paths of the beautiful jungle and crossing the beds of its rivers driving the new rustics quads. To end the afternoon and enjoy a pleasant night, you must live the great experiences in Kuala Lumpur with tuexperience.com opting for the fascinating Kuala Seangor Firefly Boat Tour with dinner and transfer from Kuala Lumpur. They pick you up in your hotel and take you for approximately 1. 5 hours outside Kuala Lumpur, stopping on the road in the lighthouse, where the troops of two different types of monkey wander freely.

There is a restaurant next to the river (frequently busy and with a lot of life), and although the restaurant is simple and quite rustic, food is extremely delicious and you are delighted. Then they lead along a short way to continue the excursions in Kuala Lumpur with tuexperiencia.com until the boats to the firefly. You have to wait a little until the sun is hidden. The fireflies appear, the bushes are covered from them, turn on and off in unison. It is quite magical!. What to do in a day in cruises by Kuala Lumpur. To make sure your day and experiences in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, they are really memorable.

You must do the private tour: Kuala Lumpur on the Petronas Torres Observation Platform and Batu Caves. In this way, visit most of the city, you eat in an Indian restaurant, but the best part is that the driver tells many stories about the city and is very pleasant. Excellent idea to take the tours in Kuala Lumpur with tuexperience.com privately and visit the most important places of Kuala Lumpur, a city that is booming and growing at a dizzying pace. You will enjoy an excellent day, being able to see the Batu caves and climb the steep stairs that drive there; Also other fascinating attractions in Kuala Lumpur.


Like the impressive royal palace, a botanical garden, the beautiful mosque, and stop counting. The city itself is a wonderful surprise, and the Batu caves are especially memorable. You are finishing the day with the visit to Little India, then to Chinatown; And finally, excursions in Kuala Lumpur with tuexperiencia.com arrives at the twin towers in the observatory, from where the entire landscape can be seen at an enviable height. You will get great photos and memories. The pecto store is interesting, its staff is friendly and attentive. Do not bring backpacks, since they do not allow them to take them to the towers. They provide free storage. You will be grateful to a very correct and polite guide.

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