What You Have To Do If The Refrigerator Ice-Mager Does Not Work

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What you have to do if the refrigerator ICE-mager does not work


What to do if the refrigerator ICE-mager does not work?

Really, it is a comfort to have a refrigerator at home with an ice maker (ICE-Maker). This is really fantastic for those who are lovers of very cold soft drinks. Especially children, who love to get to the refrigerator and take a few ice cubes.

I imagine your frustration if your refrigerator has stopped making the ice cubes for your lemonade. You sure to know if it is possible to fix the ICE-Maker or you must get rid of the refrigerator. I suggest you do not make any decision without first assessing some tips that I am going to give you. Our company can offer you the spare parts you need, in addition to updated and professional information. With our help you can find, or at least approach, to the solution for your refrigerator problems.


If the Ice-Maker is not doing the ice cubes that you like so much, check this:

  1. If the refrigerator bought it recently, remember that after installing the equipment you must wait a minimum of 24 hours. After this time, you can check if the ICE-Maker works. Do not forget to also check that the water supply is correctly installed. If everything is correct, I recommend that you enter at least one liter of water and verifies that it flows well.
  2. If your refrigerator suddenly stopped making the ice cubes, you have to see other things. First check the water flow. For this, open the water dispenser and if the flow is slow, it is advisable to replace the filter. This is if you have not changed the filter. On the other hand, check that the refrigerator closes hermetically. If you have a cold leak, ice cubes may not be done. Also seeing the ICE-Maker assembly, that is, check the water inlet connections and ice outlet.



If none of these methods works for you, try to press the button to reset the Ice-Maker. After 24 hours, check if your ice cubes are ready. If the fault still remains, I think it is best to consult qualified technical personnel to determine another diagnosis. Our team of specialists is available for you at any time you need them.

These recommendations are valid for the vast majority of refrigerator brands. Some of them are: LG, Samsung, RCA, Haier, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Dacor, Arctic Air, U-Line, Universal, Scotsman, Admiral, Amana, American, Jenn Air, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Thermador, Westinghouse, Bosch, Caloric, Crosley, Danby, E-Wave, Electrolux, Estate, Ge, Gibson, Goldstar, Gaggenau, JC Penney, Kitchenaid, Hardwick, Hotpoint, Ikea, Magic Chef, Maytag, Modern Maid .. 

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