What To Eat When You Are A Tourist In Ukraine

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What to eat when you are a tourist in Ukraine


Eating in Ukraine is part of an unforgettable experience. The richness and tradition of its gastronomy is simply spectacular and although its gastronomy is not as international as others, without a doubt, it has the merits so that it is appreciated everywhere. The unique characteristics of typical Ukrainian cuisine are the result of its history and culture. Likewise, of the peculiarity of both its climate and of its soil, which grant unique qualities to the ingredients with which their recipes are elaborated.


The diet of the Ukrainians stands out due to the balanced presence of flavors and the harmonious appearance of aromas and colors. Among the most prominent ingredients are grains such as wheat, rye and corn. Vegetables such as carrots, choles, potatoes, beets and paprika among many others are also very characteristic. Likewise, beefs, pork, chicken and fish are present, as well as dairy derivatives. Additionally, several types of sausages, where sausages stand out.


Borsch is one of the most emblematic dishes that can be eaten in Ukraine. Its color and a great variety of ingredients make it one of the most popular. It is also a very traditional meal in this country, with the special color that beet gives it and, without a doubt, one of the most exquisite.

For its elaboration you must prepare a potato broth with chopped celery and in a pan Sofre zebolla, green pepper, tomato, garlic and beets, all well chopped, even soften. Subsequently, vinegar, meat, salt, pepper, grain cumin, col, laurel and dill. Before serving, chopped parsley and sour sauce.


Varenyky is one of the delights worth eating in Ukraine. This is a kind of meatball that can be filled with sweet or salty ingredients. In this nation there is a special predilection for the fillings of fruit or potato. These dishes are also known as Pierogi.

For its preparation it is required to mix wheat flour, salt, water and oil. Then, knead until an elastic and dense texture is obtained, which is left at rest for 30 minutes. Then 7 centimeters in diameter are formed. They are filled with boneless cherries and powdered sugar and then close. Finally, they are deposited in boiling water with some salt, until they float. They are served with fruit sweet or sour cream on top.


The Kovbasa or Ukrainian sausage is one of the most succulent delicacies that can be eaten in Ukraine. There is a whole tradition with respect to this delicious food and a wide variety of versions, which include peasant, industrial and homemade recipes. This dish even enjoys international prestige.

To make this dish, it is based on ground pork with fat, beaten eggs, jamaica pepper, salt and canola oil. Then we proceed to assemble the sausages using natural or artificial gut and resistant string. In a separate container, chicken broth with peppers and sausages is prepared. Finally, pepper vodka is added and let stand for 20 minutes. They are served with chopped parsley, butter and potato puree.


In the past, this was one of the most humble dishes that could be eaten in Ukraine. However, today it is part of the menu of many gourmet restaurants. It is consumed especially in the western part of the European nation. This ancestral meal has a unique flavor, particularly because of the use of Lardo, a bacon marinated with rosemary.

To perform this dish, boil mushrooms in salt water;then cut them into thin sheets and fry them. In a preheated pan, bacon or lald, sour cream, black pepper and salt to boil is added. Then corn semolina is added, little by little and continuously stirring with wooden spoon, until it takes the appearance of the pudding. It is served hot on a deep plate, with grated cheese and the mushrooms.


The Deruny is a food that has been maintained for centuries and that is customary to eat in Ukraine during breakfast or as Entremés. They are a kind of pancakes made from potatoes. His incredible flavor and ease of preparing it turn this dish into one of those preferred by the Ukraine.

For its elaboration, the potatoes must be peeled, wash and grate. Subsequently salt, pepper, wheat flour, egg and the set is stirred until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. In a preheated pan, vegetable oil is added and portions of the mixture are taken with spoon to introduce them in this and then brown them on the two faces. They are served with sauce or sour cream onion.


Another aspect through which Ukrainian cuisine stands out is the diversity of techniques used in the elaboration of their recipes. It also highlights the nutritional value of the dishes, which seek to balance proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If you want to learn more about Ukrainian cuisine, do not miss this opportunity to find out why it is said to be a little known jewel.

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