What Secondary Character Has The Most Important Role In The Work

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What secondary character has the most important role in the work


In the splendid world of literature we find the illustrious poet William Shakespeare who distinguished himself for being a playwright of English origin who was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon Kingdom of England in the year 1564 is also known as the Bardo de Avon by his birthWhere over time he managed to be classified as the greatest and most valuable writer of the English language, which is why he is one of the most famous authors who has been part of universal literature, since I managed to be a unique figure in the history of the history ofWorld of the Fine Arts Since he had a great reputation that no other architect reached for this reason that Shakespeare is considered someone who does not belong to the time but eternity since his works have transcended throughout all time so we canstand out among one of the most important to Romeo and Julieta.

Novel that frames the forbidden love of the protagonists for the hatred that exists among their families the Montesco and Capuleto, where both in love decide to be together regardless of the opposition between their romance because it is the one that is part of the flowering of the tragedy insideFrom the work where the disastrous end of the interpreters is evidenceIn it, although at some point it shows aspects of the dramatic genre that it has, despite the work revolves around love between two young people who, by disputes between their families, cannot consolidate a relationship.


On the other hand so much has been the fame of this work that had more than 12 translations at the time and today, as the subgenre that is present is that of the tragedy that is characterized by exposing the various types of conflicts in lifeOf the characters, as is the case with the protagonists who died in a tragic way for the rivalry of their lines, but despite everything bad that happened to them, there were characters with secondary roles that were part of the great loveof Romeo and Juliet as was Fray Lorenzo who demonstrated all their support so that they can fight for their love, distinguishing themselves in this way for being the secondary character with the most important role.

In addition, the language used by Shakespeare is identified by being poetic, cult and typical of the time when the work is stipulated so that a wide variety of literary resources are immersed as a metaphor, simile, hyperbole, epithet that is used to beautifyThe content and expressing through this the feelings that each character addresses, this justifies the following appointment that corresponds to the literary figure of hyperbole … And who are you, demon, who is thus tormenting me?… in the same way it is important to mention that the period that includes this majestic literary piece is from the fifteenth century that occurred.

Therefore, Romeo and Julieta emphasize as a general theme the forbidden love, the same that identifies the main idea specified in three fundamental axes that are: society, passion love and clergy because they exhibit as focus the rejection of affectionPure that the interpreters professed, where although they did not want to see them together and opposed their relationship, they continued to fight since not everyone contrary to their feelings, since characters like Fray Lorenzo helped them be together,So the emblematic story of Romeo and Julieta happens in Verona place that exemplifies the most notorious scenario within the novel. On the contrary,

It is for this reason that within this are the sociocultural characteristics in which the characters are focused on a secondary character of utmost importance such as Fray Lorenzo that is distinguished by being a religious who does not opposeThe secret relationship of lovers because it is he who is responsible for marryOnly for social status, which is why it is one of the most important people interacting in the work.

Similarly in space as much as the environment of the novel are fundamental because those are places where they denote the actions that each of the characters commit thus witnessing several aspects that influence the conflicts that mark moral prejudices, Being one of themThe violence that is observed in this novel written by Shakespeare, also, it is worth mentioning that as this work is a theatrical piece shows its content in dialogues that are of different sizes that is why it is said that this consists of a lyrical dialogue in a waythat he does not have a defined narrator since it is the characters who are in charge of telling his story this is based on the next appointment … Julieta: I will see, but the flight of my eyes will not go further than what you have.

In turn, along the plot of the work, countless moral characteristics that externalize the actions committed by the characters are evidenced, so that they are specifically related to the values and antivalores, so that we find the moral peculiarity of theloyalty of love that is developed by the interpreters, this being a condition that exalts the hatred between their families because those do not want to see them together, however with the help of Fray Lorenzo and the nurse manageRejection leads them to their tragic death. Here is the following appointment that bases what is said, this being a phrase said by Romeo:… my only love emerged from my only hatred in addition.

In short, William Shakespeare exposes in his splendid work many talants, situations, events and actions entrenched to the feelings of the characters as is the case of the protagonists who have a secret romance due to the mutual hatred that existed among their families so that the authorThrough a cult and poetic language, it externalizes the development of the life of each of the main characters as secondary, being its actions a primary and fundamental axis in the work, thus having Fray Lorenzo who was the only one who was the only one who was the only one who was the only one who was the onlyHe did not share what happened between the family of Romeo Montesco and Julieta Capuleto, so he decided to help lovers, therefore a content is specified that frames the main idea that is based on clandestine love for rejection to the tragic outcome ofThe work is thus evidenced by Shakespeare’s great legacy.


In summary Romeo and Julieta is a work of universal literature that with Cado one of the characters together with their history transports us to the time when it stipulated, because it shows us how feelings are the fundamental basis of our actions andAs they lead to events that in one way or another they are caused by their own instinct being an exemplification of this the protagonists because their love and opposition to this was the main reason why they decided to commit suicide.


  • Shakespeare, w. (1595). Romeo and Juliet.

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