What Is Eolica Energy And That Future Has

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What is Eolica Energy and that future has

Wind energy is a transformed form of solar energy and is created by the temperature difference in the air masses caused by the unequal heating of the earth’s surface. Therefore, while the balloon turns and the sun shines, the wind will continue to exist.

People have been using wind energy for thousands of years. The windmills we know were invented in the ninth century in eastern Persia and arrived in Europe at the end of the 12th century. The first wind mills were mainly used to grind grain. The wind mill was generally wood, sometimes brick, equipped with wings moved by wind and driving devices. It is the oldest wind engine, converts wind energy into kinetic energy in rotation motion. It is the predecessor of the wind turbine, which is also commonly called wind mill.

Currently, the most common are the 3 -blade wind turbines with a horizontal rotation axis, an adjusted rotor ‘to the wind’, fixed in the gondola. The gondola is located in a tower of 80 to 120 meters high and the rotor diameter usually exceeds 100 meters.

How does the wind energy plant work?

Modern wind power plants use advanced technologies, based on the experience of the aviation industry. They can operate in very different environments, with variable speeds and wind directions.

Special systems that monitor the operation of the machine room 24 hours a day track all operating parameters, such as rotor speed, the position of the gearbox or the angle of the blades in relation to the wind. The systems of the ‘intelligent’ power plants are responsible for their safety and optimal working conditions. In extreme climatic conditions, the machine is able to block the drive mechanisms by itself, look at the right direction to the wind, establish the correct angle of the blades, all this so that a too strong wind does not damage the machine. Thanks to satellite communication, turbine operation parameters are tracked in real time directly by service companies. This guarantees operation without failures and, therefore, a production without electricity interruptions from the wind.

The general principle of wind energy generation is very simple and is based on the principle of a generator. When the wind is resisted by a rotor shovel, the kinetic energy of the wind becomes mechanical action in the form of rotation of the rotor. Rotor rotation energy is transferred by the axis and the gearbox to the generator, which makes it electricity.

Wind energy is one of the inexhaustible sources of energy used for centuries. The first wind mills were used to pump water and recover the earth.

Modern wind turbines convert wind energy into mechanical energy, which in turn becomes electricity.

A wind power plant is a type of power plant that produces electricity from a renewable source, which is the wind.

Electricity production in a wind power plant takes place through wind turbine driven by wind energy. If there are several or more wind mills in a small area, it is said that there is a wind farm or a

The electricity obtained from wind power plants is considered one of the most ecological. This is because fuel is not needed to produce it, and the land that surrounds them can be used freely for agriculture, since they have little impact on crops.

Wind energy plants are an increasingly popular way to obtain electricity from renewable sources.


  • Free Energy Source – Wind
  • There is no pollution of the atmosphere: obtaining electricity from a wind plant does not imply the emission of carbon dioxide or any other pollutant to the atmosphere;
  • lower electricity production costs – compared to the costs and prices of electricity or heat obtained from traditional fossil fuels such as coal or oil;
  • There are no post-production residues, as in the case of coal combustion, which leaves huge amounts of ash;



  • detrimental effect for the environment
  • negative impact on migratory birds, which often die beaten by propeller


The future of wind energy

International climate and environment experts agree that the earth is heating and natural resources are running out. In addition, the old electric centrals of the sixties and seventies must be replaced soon, in drastically changed political and economic conditions. Global environmental problems can no longer be ignored. Through international agreements, such as the Kyoto protocol, industrialized countries are committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. It is increasingly likely that the standardized use of renewable energies worldwide, regardless of climate conditions and national regulations, is increasingly likely. Therefore, the wind energy industry is very optimistic about the future. 

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