What Is Emotional Trauma

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What is emotional trauma


The emotional traumas. All experience close to death, whether real or imaginary, such as a kidnapping, a robbery, an abuse, a violation, all these experiences produce in our psyche a brand. We have to keep in mind that our mind has the ability to resist, for example to anguish, but there are difficult and hard experiences that we resist them. Now what happens when the anguish overflows? That is when what we call posttraumatic stress is produced, also known as emotional trauma.


All these experiences produce a brand, and that brand forces us to carry out certain behaviors that we do not seek. The first we are going to name is memories or flashbacks. This occurs when the person who has gone through a traumatic experience of at times experiences memories of the fact repetitively. Those memories can be: odors, a word or a place that make the person feel invaded by them and revive the whole situation again. That is, revive the traumatic experience again.

That is, he feels again in those images that appear the same feeling of when he was stolen, when he was kidnapped, when they abused him. But these repetitive images also lead to hypervigilance. In other words.

This is the important point, because that feeling steals hope, then the person who suffered a trauma develops stress, depression or panic attacks. This happens because in your mind everything that happened in a painful area can be manifested in another totally different area. That symptom is saying that there is an experience in the past that is not healed, which is not totally cured. That is why the person who has posttraumatic stress has to do psychoeducation.

What is psychoeducation? First, the person must learn to detect what types of symptoms to know if what he suffers is posttraumatic stress.

Once you do, then you have to understand that flashbacks or repetitive images are normal and that depression, hypervigilance and guilt are normal symptoms. They appear as reactions of our body and as a consequence the person does not rest well, he has nightmares, insomnia or sleeps a lot. It is a way of evading, isoking everything so as not to feel.

At this stage we must distinguish between two types of trauma: type I and type II.

  • Type I occurs only once in life: it is a specific experience that makes one remember exactly what happened. For example: see an accident or corpse.
  • Type II, on the other hand, is the repetitive trauma, which appears over time and that can arise as a consequence of sexual abuse, for example. In that case, the person tells him as if he were happening to another, he revives it but dissociates. That is, the ideas of emotions are separated.



All these symptoms must be understood, you have to afford to be wrong. You have to understand that it is normal to feel anger, fears, resignation, fury, injustice, helplessness;Let’s not forget to allow us to be wrong. We have to remember that everything we keep is transformed into an emotional weight, into a load.

There is a famous phrase that says: when we express what we have, it is no longer dangerous. You have to remember it, especially in these cases. That is why we have to look for who to tell us what happens to us because we heal ourselves: speaking, putting in words what happened to us and breaking the secret. Because what the secret does is perpetuate trauma, and everything we avoid brings false security.

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