What Is Company Team Work

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What is company team work

As reviewed throughout this brief, it can be affirmed that if within an organization the teamwork is carried out correctly, this will be reflected in the organizational results, the work rate will improve, to which it is Call organizational climate and employee productivity; In addition to contributing to conflict resolution and compliance with the mission and organizational objectives, so to talk about this topic and conduct research in this regard will favor the development of companies and encourage changes within them.

Something that attracts attention to this issue is a comment made by Alcover, Rico and Gil who claim that there is currently a phenomenon called "equipment romance" the authors do not really support this expression with empirical evidence but comment that in long Organizations It is common that when talking about work teams automatically relate to significant improvements in the organization, so the subject is discussed in a utopian and almost romantic way. In this regard, it seems to me of great relevance to comment that there is no “secret recipe” for the success of companies, we cannot affirm that teamwork solves all the problems that occur within organizations or that with just forming equipmentmeet all goals and objectives;Although, in the brief it was resumed as a relevant factor that can contribute to organizational success, it is impossible to affirm that only the company triumphas.

Many of the referenced authors agree that it is very important to properly form and manage work teams within organizations;However, it is well known that not all companies or organizations that exist manage. This represents a problem within labor contexts, however it also offers psychologists to develop within the organizational field a field of action that can be fruitful for both individuals and organizations.

The complexity of carrying out teamwork within organizations lies in structural and management aspects, but individual processes are also involved because many people are considered unable to work effectively as a team, from educational training we must prepareFor the challenges that are presented in the workplace including teamwork. This can be achieved by creating strategies that favor coexistence, collaboration and social development.

It seems a bit complicated to study teamwork from a psychological approach whose object of study is individual behavior, however and as mentioned when the topic of the conceptualization of teamwork was touched, the team is a scenario where the individual isIt entails;From this perspective we can evaluate the behavior of the individual when it is in a group situation and create from there interventions that make the deployment of favorable behaviors for the teamwork situation more likely.

The objective of the theoretical review carried out was satisfactorily fulfilled, a conceptual and theoretical approach of what the work teams consist of;Within the last topic that was developed, guidelines are proposed to promote the correct training and management of work teams, this arose from the analysis of the revised literature and the data that the authors offer us. For future research, it is proposed to review interventions and methodological proposals to know the way in which processes related to work teams can be improved;Another important aspect within this last section was that topics relevant to the development of work teams within the organization, such as leadership, organizational climate, culture, etc. Although there was no deep analysis of these elements and only briefly described themselves as important elements to be considered and in which it could be deepened in future writings.    

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