What I Know Of The Independence Of Mexico Of Hidalgo Y Cueilla

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What I know of the independence of Mexico of Hidalgo y Cueilla

What I know about Mexico’s independence was that it was being prepared by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who was a person who did not want the people of indigenous peoples to be seen as simple living beings, or that they did notThey will be seriously, and besides that, the government at that time was stricter for people at that time.But after they killed Hidalgo, before that event, he had met someone, who would continue his idea and that he would carry her out, that person was Ignacio Allende, and later Juan Aldama.During that time, there were many disputes until what was later known as the War of Independence was carried out.

One of the things that I imagined, what I had in mind when we talked about Miguel Hidalgo, was that he always thought of a person who wanted to mark his mark here in Mexico, after listening to his history in primary school and his battle against himSpanish government and for their help to indigenous peoples, I thought that the Spaniards were true monsters, and after knowing that they would kill him in the end, he had caused me a message in my head or rather an image on how Miguel Hidalgo suffered inHis last day in this world.

What I want to get to, is that a relationship that I find between what I say and that I saw around the War of Independence, is that Hidalgo, meanwhile, believed that if he did his actions in his own way, which was attacking theSpanish towns, it was not one of the best things, but he wanted to demonstrate what was most or less losing many people in your own community, where appropriate, the Spaniards.In addition, also losing people from their community, would lose people to be part of their great Spanish army, and they would be easier for victory when fighting them.

The actions carried out by Hidalgo, in my perspective, were not the most appropriate, since at the time of going to attack the peoples where there were Spaniards, he killed large amounts of pure Spanish people who was innocent, and many of those of thosepeople were made up of children and adults to both men and women, who did not deserve to die for something in which they were not involved.

Sometimes I start to think that if independence had not been carried out, there would be no several things that we have today, one of them is that there are people of indigenous ancestry, for example, boys and girls of that offspring in partsfrom Mexico.Another thing to highlight would be that there would be no representative and representative flag of Mexico, which has a very interesting story.One of the things that caught my attention is that now today, the color of the medium, which is white, now means the values or regimes that we have in Mexico, which is a mistake, since itsCreator, Agustín de Iturbide, originally put the target of Catholic religion, but the government wanted to change a lot over time.

If the independence process had not been carried out, the situation Mexico would not be so bad from my point of view, since they were previously chosen through the kings, however, after the independence of Mexico, it was chosen throughof the votes.I emphasize this since today, there are very inept people to have the position on the country.And I think that if I had continued like this, it could be so bad to continue like this, but things happened and now we have as president a person who is not the best for our country, which is Mexico.

And finally, the actions that were carried out by the group of people who were involved in the War of Independence, the truth, from my perspective, I can say that they were very well elaborated to be able to reach their tasks, but there were actionswhich were not very intelligent or that highlighted people as the fact that a great war against the Government was created, which was very devastating for the entire country and for the cities of that time.I think they could try to make a debate among people, but it was also a bit difficult, since the government only towards what they believed it was the best, and they do not take so important to the people of the town, which was aBad point of that government, and for that reason the war of independence was carried out. 

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