What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneurial Woman

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What does it mean to be an entrepreneurial woman

The term entrepreneurial woman has been gaining strength in the last decade because this genre is looking for a way to develop her skills and tastes in the midst of a competitive world. An entrepreneurship comes out of an idea to meet more than economic needs but to be able to exploit an active and positive spirit.

Women throughout this time have become entrepreneurs because they have to assume several roles in a world, where despite having demonstrated gender equality, many still have retrograde opinions about the subject.

Being an entrepreneur is more about the desire to do what you like to make millionaire profits. It is a way of life where success always goes hand in hand with struggle, constancy and discipline.

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?

Actually, it is that an entrepreneurial woman is not born as, throughout life and depends on social and economic circumstances, the need to go beyond a salary arises. It’s about looking for a new direction to be able to do what you like and meet personal needs.

Analyzing entrepreneurial women in Latin America, we realized that even if they have different dreams and opportunities, they have a very similar pattern. These are:

  1. Multitary capacity: women have shown that they are able to assume several roles at the same time with excellent interpretations in all. An entrepreneur.
  2. Orientation to meet the goals: many people think that achievement orientation is only given at the business level. In the case of entrepreneurial women their own desires are motivating to fulfill the challenges that are imposed.
  3. Overflowing creativity: the ideas they contribute to their own ventures are full of creativity. Innovation is a rule to advance to a higher level. They create, improve and change constantly until they want.
  4. Risk capacity: entrepreneurship is a long way to follow where the difficulties are the order of the day. This assumes these challenges as areas of improvement opportunity to be able to improve its projects and meet the objectives that have been achieved.
  5. Autonomous and independent: in a way the situation of any entrepreneur comes to seek economic independence. This occurs for the desire to get ahead and that is where he takes advantage of his own resources to go in search of his dreams.


A woman with these characteristics is seen daily in the streets of the city in a frantic search to achieve full dream and financial freedom. The realization of projects that satisfy the spirit and make them shine will always go hand in hand with positivism.

It is not necessary to undertake in order to be successful in a market, the need for entrepreneurship is rather inclined to personal development and the strengthening of the family together with society.

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