We Travel To The Philippines To Know Their Most Unknown Jewels

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We travel to the Philippines to know their most unknown jewels


We travel to the Philippines to enter one of their most unknown jewels. The island of Carabao belongs to the rumper islands, it is very close to the famous Island of Boracay. Isla Carabao is located south of the entrance to Manila Bay. Many travelers have a few hours a few hours to this island, although it is actually a magnificent place to pass. Much calmer and peaceful than Boracay, on this small island you will find many ways of living adventures and discover incredible places. Carabeans are a blue -gray buffalo type and long horns, the Philippines and Southeast Asia. 


Although today on the island it has lost its connection with its name since there are practically no bovine cattle. This is a trip that remains in the memory and that should not be missing in your backpack. We immerse ourselves in this wonderful place where you will barely find cars or urban life of any kind. Here we go! What will you find Isla Carabao you get by boat. It doesn’t matter if it is a ferry or a small boat that a local fisherman can be rented. The most common way to get to Carabao is from Boracay Island, from where many visiting options to this other minor island are offered. Also the beach and diving are two of the activities that you can enjoy on this island. 

The cathedral cave can be visited by hiring some tour. To move inside Carabao is best to get a motorcycle. Although it is a very small site, which can be traveled on foot without problems. To stay there are several options. From fantastic resorts located on the beach and close to the jumps of the cliff, to the accommodation offered by the locals in their own houses. Filipine hospitality is extraordinary. 

Exploring Isla Carabao the locals call their island the promised land and it is not surprising. His white sand beach and crystalline waters of a magnificent blue color is worthy of any postcard. His beautiful coconutos and his sea port are other prints of this idyllic place. Another interesting place to tour is Koding-Koding Point. A wood trampoline subject to some rocks that end up in the form of a tip for those who want to launch in the crystalline waters of Isla Carabao. 

However, the Cathedral Cave is much larger and requires a guide, as well as a helmet and a lamp. Other nearby caves are Kayapniton, Dingle and Ngiriton and all should be visited with guide. There is a farm with a view to the island of Boracay that is worth visiting for its extraordinary coconut trees and the kindness of its people. The Murciélagos de Ngiriton Cave must also be included in the visits. But without a doubt his beach is the one that deserves the most of the traveler. 

During the day it is perfect for bathing, swimming or sunbathing. In the afternoon, on the beach of Isla Carabao, the low tide and gives us a fantastic show of several meters of sand covered with sea urchins, anemones and star fish. The family dishes of the Philippines. Filipino gastronomy is a mixture of Spanish and Asian cuisine worthy of any good gourmet. 


You have to try the sisig, a pork stew with Chilis Picantes. Time is another of the traditional dishes, also based on pork, soy sauce, lemon and black pepper. The pork barbecue, the fried chicken, the shrimp you will find them within the entire gastronomic offer of Isla Carabao. The Lapu-Lapu is a typical Philippine stew. The island is special chicken and delights around the world. A real paradise if you are thinking of visiting the Philippines, you will find extraordinary sites to visit. But Isla Carabao is one of the trips that cannot be missing in your list. Far from the hustle.

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