We Must Know The Meaning Of The Word Political

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We must know the meaning of the word political


First, we must know the meaning of the word political, since it works directly in the imposition of an idea or an ideology in a given population, where its objective is to promise and fulfill or not, to later take advantage of this power. On the other hand, we can say that there are thinkers who consider politics as an art, since it is the Union of Political Affairs that not only govern but exercise power in a way that the public consensus is sought. Likewise, politics is everywhere and everyone makes politics, more only politicians are those who take care and occupy this work, developing it in various government fields, legislatures and political parties. 


When to scientific knowledge, this studies what you need to know the facts surrounding a reality, as data taken from experience and knowledge that can be verifiable, indicating concepts and stages that are necessary to fulfill the object of study, which by Notoriety requires objectivity.

Subsequently, when talking about science, this demonstrates the importance of following the order that has previously been established to determine the event or fact, but thanks to the fact that human nature is changing, it should be obvious, since in the course of life, alterations are presented, which must be accepted.

When we refer to politics as a science, it must be understood that it bases its study and investigates phenomena related to power, since its main purpose is the State, as well as political representatives, rulers, political parties and all kinds of force social that aspires to influence what to do politic. His usefulness falls into several fields of human work, in the governmental field, in the private and public sector, in all media and teaching; It can also be said that it serves as a provider of political candidates for effective and effective public positions and as an related sector in international fields affecting the country internally.

On the other hand, I think that political science or politology is a scientific discipline, where its main objective is to systematically study the government and understand it in a much broader sense. The analysis of this, covers from the origin and typology of the political regime, its structure, function and institution, the ways in which governments identify and solve socio -economic problems, and the interactions between groups and decisive individuals in the establishment, maintenance and change of governments.

The origin of political science, dates back to ancient Greece, since at this time there was a great interest in what they defined as the nature of the State, their control bodies and the function of citizens in society. In the book The Republic of Plato, which was one of the first philosophers recognized at the time, it is presented as is the utopian representation of the perfect city.

On the other hand, there are studies that show that Aristotle was the authentic precursor of political science. One of his contributions is reflected in his writing called politics, where he expressed and even advanced to the effort that implies and classifying the different forms of the State, and currently continues to be influenced in the time.

The successes that had been achieved in the field of natural sciences led many political researchers to the belief that, over time, using the systematic analysis and methodology of physics, chemistry and biology, they could develop explanatory theories. Through its use, the study of government and politics could become, according to them, a task as scientific as those carried out in laboratories. In their attempts to achieve credibility, these scholars joined researchers in the fields of sociology and psychology. Of sociologists took the statistical method to collect and analyze collective behavior. Of psychologists took the definitions, proposals and concepts that will help them understand why human beings act in certain ways. The story was used as a data source that could be analyzed by the political scientist. The economy was relegated to a secondary position, although the economist’s ability to obtain concrete data was envied by many political scientists. As a result of these loans from other social sciences, political science became an independent discipline. It was no longer considered a mere complement to moral philosophy, political economy or history.

We can currently say that the investigations carried out in political science are issues related to the power of the branches of the State and their relationship at the national level, international relations, the issue of campaigns and elections of leaders, administrative regulation, and those those related to finance, agriculture, religion and the media.

Politology or political science is a social science that bases its field of study on the theory and practice of politics, as well as the description, analysis and political behavior of society in the state, because it is correct to say that , the study of politics is an observable study. In general, it does not refer to what should be as an ideal or as a desired behavior, since this area is characteristic of political philosophy; Nor should we say that it is the study of various formal elements, as well as laws, where they come out, their foundation and intention, since this is purely jurisprudential.

We can note that political science is a relatively modern discipline, since it concerns current politics is in the 16th century with Nicolás Machiavelli as its main exhibitor, with its separation of morals and politics. However, already in antiquity there were forms of political organization, as would be: the polis (where the political word was born, which means city) in Greek democracy, res-public (public thing) that established equality in terms of Political rights in ancient Rome, except for slaves.

As we know, political science being a social science is based on the exercise, distribution and organization of the political power of society within a State. This also deals with the study of political behavior that expresses in a real way and concrete. Likewise, it narrates electoral processes, the responses of citizens regarding the political decisions issued by the authority, the constitution, the dynamics of political parties, as well as the effect of change and their consequences, the organization of different forms of government , the functions of the authorities at the state level, the process of political decision-making, hierarchical relations and political-social processes, among others

In summary, we can say that political science is based on understanding political relationships through empirical data, in this way, what was first considered traditional with the comparative. Politologists must focus on different research techniques, seek and discover what is really related to the scope of study and related to discipline, more is also true that we cannot only focus on politics, but to enter other subjects and be multifaceted, have integral training and any type of information that helps our condition.

Likewise, political science is a science that is relatively new, since it began with Nicolás Machiavelli, it is still seeking to focus its methodological and scientific bases that in consideration are difficult to find, since being a social science it is complex to discover (or find) he scratched characteristic of the scientific.


The policy that must be distributed by a politicalologist must be complete, that society perceives the veracity of this in its words and is considered an example for future students, politicians, political scientists and even those dedicated to law, administration and journalism. Because currently, the world is in a constant globalization, limitations or mental borders cannot be conceived, since the possibility of generating knowledge does not appear solely in the formal study, since the more diverse the information that is possessed and It is known, the greater the benefit that a political scientist may have within society, more power will have over others that do not possess it and will be recognized by its intellect; But considering that this may be a public figure, he must have values, have character to face certain realities and raise the ideal of his positive purposes, marking the difference against other internal political scientists and other governments.  

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