Volunteer And Involuntary Abortions In The Adolescence Stage

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Volunteer and involuntary abortions in the adolescence stage

Lucía, a young woman who was attending the fifth year of secondary level in one of the most prestigious schools in the city. He was barely 16 when he got pregnant with a young man who met right there, his situation was complicated because they had no economic stability and at that age it was risky to have a baby. She was afraid of motherhood, she was desperate investigating how she could take her weight off, that was how she found a doctor in the community, she told her about her situation and quickly agreed to attend to her asking for a strong amount of money, sinceShe for being the daughter of millionaire parents could get it. Frightened at the situation of having a child and their parents found out, he accepted. After having paid him they proceeded to practice abortion, the doctor injected a substance and introduced very strong pills in his uterus ending the life of the young woman, since her body was not suitable for such strong medications.

As well as the case of Lucía, there are many cases that need to be treated and treated for adequate orientation. Abortion is a public health problem, a surgical procedure that consists in the interruption of pregnancy, expels and murders the fetus before 5 months. It is a topic of great debates, since many ethical, social and religious factors for women or couple are at stake as well as for the being within the mother’s belly. Therefore, the purpose of this writing is to prepare an inter -textual summary about the problem of adolescents abortion, following the structure of the exhibition text.

Neira (as cited in Trujillo and Sembrera, 2017) tells us that abortion is the interruption of intentionally caused pregnancy, either by medications or by a mechanical intervention to which young people who do not want to assume a responsibility as great asto have a child. In addition, they are not prepared because their uterus is not correctly developed being a risky pregnancy for them.

The World Health Organization (WHO, 2019) the abortion caused is defined as the resulting maneuvers practiced deliberately with the intention of interrupting the pregnancy, since the couple does not want to have a baby and see whose act as a solution to be able to get out quicklyof the problem. These maneuvers can be performed by the might or by another person.

It is estimated that in Latin America many of the pregnancies are not planned and end up in abortion, ending life and an innocent being. It will be analyzed what are the causes that lead to abortion.

Many times we have heard phrases such as: ‘What will the family think’ or ‘you will stain our last name with your dishonor’. Sometimes parents are the cause of their daughters to practice an abortion by putting their last name and what they will say above the life of an innocent being, even being very risky for Mother Gutierrez and Ramos (as cited in Trujillo andSEMBRERA, 2017)

Ramos (as cited in Trujillo and Sembrera, 2017) states that another cause is communication. Today several stereotypes have been created about sexual relations, saying that children can no longer be told about a certain issue because it is like inciting them to start their sexual life, that is totally false. If parents talk to their children, having enough confidence, they could help them inform themselves about the consequences of a sexual act.

The violation is also a cause for the teenager to make the decision to practice an abortion. For a woman, the mere fact of having been sexually abused and even more so when the product of that abuse is an unwanted pregnancy, because it feels nothing believing that everyone came over. With all the ideas created by itself due to the heartbreaking act the only solution it finds is to kill your baby and take off a Gutierrez problem (as cited in Trujillo and Sembrera, 2017)

It is important to know the difference between voluntary and involuntary abortion, so the abortion classification will be explained.

Neira (as cited in Trujillo and Sembrera, 2017) tells us that abortion has 2 classifications. The first is the spontaneous abortion also called involuntary, that is, the person does not wantWeek 20 of pregnancy. This type of abortion can be caused by the alteration of chromosomes by making the baby development impossible.

Among the types of spontaneous abortion is: the threat of abortion, consists of vaginal hemorrhage due to some abnormality within the mother’s belly. Inevitable abortion, this consists of the rupture of the membranes presented by the exit of the amniotic fluid indicating a safe abortion. Incomplete abortion is where the fetus and placenta remain inside the uterus and partially leave the dilated hole. Abstained abortion also known as early embryonic failure used to remove dead products for several days in the mother’s belly. Septic abortion consists in having infections in pelvic products and organs. Another types is the recurring abortion that is defined as the presence of 2 to 3 abortions in a row at week 20 of gestation.

The second classification of abortion is the induced or voluntary. As the same name says, the person is willing and determined to interrupt pregnancy for several factors that led her to such a decision.

Psychological, physical and sexual life of women as that of their partner is affected after undergoing the practice of abortion. Next, what are the consequences generated by this act will be seen.

Acho, Carnposano and Canova, E (2005) affirm that one of the most common consequences in all women after practicing an abortion, is the feeling of guilt, and who does not? Human beings After committing a dangerous act, we would feel bad, it would be more with that of an innocent being that we murdered for one of our irresponsibility. They experience insomnia thinking about abortion or baby and lose the ability to focus on their studies and work. In some cases women are forced by their partners to lose the baby, they feel hatred after having been influenced and blamed for abortion. In another case, women feel the need to get pregnant faster to be able to replace the baby they lost. Some, unable to get pregnant fall into depression and anxiety leading them to a deep pain wanting not wanting to continue their life reaching such a point to commit suicide.

Finally, abortion physical and psychologically damages people can even reach death. In conclusion, committing this act is to end the lives of two people, that of an innocent being and that of an irresponsible young woman who did not take the necessary measures to take care of themselves, that is why parents must be alert to not allow the numberof abortions continue to grow worldwide. It is illegal since it is a murder, not in all countries, since in some it is normal and repetitive to undergo an abortion. Let’s help awareness of people so as notthat allows to give a quality of life to the new being (Malcolm and Rodríguez, 2015).


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