Violence At Work And Health

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Violence at work and health


This research was born in the need to make visible the violence of services of which health officials are victims as a serious problem that affects the public and private sector, it is well known that violence within the work environment represents a risk factor for the development of work stress and this turns out to be an initial indicator of serious disorders such as Burnout syndrome. Therefore performing an early intervention at this point could help us prevent serious damage to the working population.


External violence is defined as any incident in which a person is mistreated, threatened or assaulted at work and that endangers their safety, health, well -being or their performance generated by people outside the workplace aimed at a Person during your workday, it is considered in addition to services due to the type of activity that represents health care, in the case of health workers, these aggressions are generated in their largest by patients who must attend throughout their day or their families. 

The workers who are subject to violence in a systematic and sustained way during their workday are developing with the passage of time work stress instead are defined as the imbalance between the excessive pressure that takes place in the work environment and the inability by of the worker to face him. This represents a serious problem in the field of occupational health, since if support systems are not implemented and this type of psychosocial risk is stopped over time, serious pathologies such as Burnout syndrome will be developed.

In the world, 66.7% of health personnel have been a victim of external violence according to an PAHO survey conducted in 2016, there are no specific data on this subject in Ecuador, however, in 2017, a study was conducted at the Enrique Hospital Garcés of the city of Quito that evidenced that 95% of the health personnel have been violated by patients or relatives of this 95% 60% represents verbal violence and the remaining 40% physical violence. It was also determined that the nursing staff was the more prone to suffer these aggressions.

The ILO recognizes a tendency to increase violence of different types in labor environments, as well as warns of its serious effects on the working population according to ILOs, acts of violence cause an immediate and often lasting and often lasting alteration of interpersonal relationships, the organization of work and work environment as a whole. 


In employers, the direct cost of lost work and the need to improve security measures falls. Among indirect costs, the lowest efficiency and productivity, the reduction of products quality, the loss of prestige of the company and the decrease in the number of customers can be cited. 

Placing this in the field of health there is a direct affectation to the patient medical relationship, as well as the quality of health care with direct damage to health personnel who has physical or psychological damage depending on the case, in addition there is also damage to patients, since the quality of care and treatment they receive are directly influenced by this type of behavior.

The main objective of this study is to deter What type of violence is the most frequently reported finally inquired what measures are the hospital authorities take and if there are complaints or cases reported in follow -up   

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