Use Healing Meditation To Feel Better In Body And Spirit

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Use healing meditation to feel better in body and spirit


People fighting chronic pain or other medical conditions can use healing meditation to feel better in body and spirit. Some inform dramatic results of healing meditation, while others simply appreciate the reduction of stress that comes from sitting in silence and concentrating the mind. Curative meditation often incorporates visualization techniques.


While it has not been shown that meditation cits specific diseases, patients report that it can be useful when used together with more conventional treatments. Meditation can help reduce anxiety, on the one hand, which can potentially cause positive changes in your body. It is important to be open to the process and have faith in what will help, but be willing to give you time.

Guided images, in which you create mental images in response to another person’s instructions, are commonly used for healing meditation. For example, if you have cancer, you may be asked to visualize your white blood cells fighting and winning against cancer cells and purging the bad cells of your body.

You can use a curative meditation CD or you can develop your own powerful healing images. For example, you can visualize your immune system as a train constantly uploading a hill. Try to meditate on the image chosen frequently, at least once a day. You can also turn to him whenever he needs a mental impulse.

By learning to meditate, beginners often have trouble finding the best posture for meditation. Do not be afraid to experiment, there is no correct way to meditate. Prepare to meditate by finding a quiet room without interruptions and follow the following steps:

Turn off your phone and any other device.

Turn off the lights.

Sit in a straight back chair forward, the knees bent at right angles and hands on the thighs. You can also sit with your legs cross or, if it is flexible, pretzel your legs in a lotus position. If sitting is not comfortable, let go on the floor (it is too easy to fall asleep in a bed).

You can sing a mantra to yourself, such as Om Manzme Hum, a Tibetan cure mantra, or use a simple word like calm, one or om.

Close your eyes or try to stare at a focal point.

The best advice for beginners who are just learning about meditation is to start in a simple way. Calm your mind for prolonged periods is more difficult than it seems, so you must dedicate 10 to 20 minutes a day to the beginning. All you need is a quiet space where they don’t bother you.

Regular meditation can help relieve stress, improve their ability to concentrate and lead to a better understanding of their own patterns and thought processes. Some people use meditation to improve creativity, reduce chronic pain, treat headaches and even improve sports performance.

Although most people meditate with their eyes closed, many beginners find it useful to have an approach point, like a candle. Concentrating on the flame can help you clarify your mind.

By learning to meditate, beginners tend to frustrate for the persistence of external thoughts: all anxieties, lists of pending tasks and random memories that constantly parade through the brain. Instead of fighting them, simply watch them when they enter their mind and let them pass. Repeating a mantra yourself is another good way to maintain your concentration.


Breathing and relaxation meditation methods are especially good for people who learn to meditate for the first time. With respiratory meditation, I simply breathed deeply from his abdomen, concentrating all his attention on his breathing, slowly inhaling the nose and exhaling through his mouth.

Relaxation meditation implies consciously visualizing the release of tension from your body, starting in the head and slowly moving towards the fingers of the feet.

Meditation walking is another useful way for beginners to learn to meditate. The key is to concentrate completely on each deliberate step, paying attention only to the present moment. Grant in the rhythmic movement of your legs and the sensation of the ground under your feet. Other active forms of meditation include Tai Chi and Qigong (both traditional Chinese movement therapies) and yoga.

A healthy diet, regular exercise and a good dream increase the positive effects of meditation. Spending time in nature, going out into the sun, spending time with their loved ones and trying to maintain a good attitude should also improve their results.

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