Types Of Coffee Preparation

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Types of coffee preparation


Coffee has been at each stage of the human being. Coffee is a very popular drink that is achieved from the seed of a shrub called coffee. This seed is ground and roasted to have the dust used to prepare the drink. It is taken generally hot but also in cold drinks. For its growth, a specific type of climate that is stable is necessary and where there is a lot of moisture and warmth.


Publicize the types of coffee that exist, as well as knowing their characteristics that they give you by consuming it and knowing the recommended dose for people.


  • Express/ coffee alone
  • It is a coffee infusion which is made by boiling water in contact with the grain. Can be prepared in a few seconds. It is a type of short coffee, and its size is usually around 350ml and usually has some foam on top.
  • American
    • American coffee is a type of coffee derived from the expresso which is characterized by adding a much greater amount of water than usual in this type of preparation (up to 500ml), resulting in a product with a less powerful and somewhat more watering taste. In this case, an expresso would be made first and this would be added boiling water.
    • Capuccino
      • Capuchino is another of the most common coffees, being equal to coffee with milk with the exception that in this case we will only find about one third of coffee, being the rest milk. Usually much of this is foam, and some cocoa powder is usually added to give it a sweet taste to give it a sweet taste.
      • Mocca
        • It is a variant of coffee with milk in which in addition to milk and coffee, chocolate or dust -shaped cocoa is used.
        • Coffee with milk
          • Milk coffee involves the incorporation of milk into coffee, only this time an equal or similar proportion of dairy and coffee is used. It has a sweeter and much less intense flavor, but it is still powerful at the level of caffeine presence.
          • Decaffeinated coffee
            • Decaffeinated coffee usually carries a significant amount of vitamin B2 and B3. The first acts against headaches and muscle cramps, while the second eliminates the toxic substances of our body by helping the digestive system and nerves.


              Coffee will always be beneficial whenever we drink one to two cups a day. Taking more than two cups a day could be harmful to our health. Coffee will always be part of our routine, we just have to know when to drink it. There are enough varieties so to include it in a diet, it would be correct, we would only have to measure the amount to be taken

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