This Gesture Caused The Couple To Rob The Protagonist To The Parties

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This gesture caused the couple to rob the protagonist to the parties


A marriage is one of the most beautiful events that can be attended. The link is the culmination of the courtship period and the beginning of a new life next to the beloved person. This day, the bride and groom are the protagonists! However, there were parties that were relegated to the background, since the godfather of a wedding proposed a lady of honor.


The godfather of a wedding proposed a lady of honor in full link the arrival of the boyfriend, the entrance of the bride, the yes I want and even the bridal dance were not enough to attract all the attention of the guests to the link to the link. Although these moments were magical, the godfather of a wedding proposed a lady of honor and monopolized all the spotlights. Surely his intention was not that. However, the surprise left everyone without words and made the moment the most remembered of the evening. 

Although for the future boyfriends it was somewhat beautiful, some invited to the marriage did not see it that way. Keep in mind that the godfather did not ask his friends for authorization to have this gesture with his beloved. Because of this, some people saw it as disrespect and they were very outraged. The story, which was announced because one of the Casorio attendees told Reddit, has not gone unnoticed by the users of the website. 

Some of them have written comments such as those exposed, to follow: this is probably the lowest and most misleading thing you can do at the wedding of one of your friends. If someone did this at my wedding, I would never speak to him again. Not well. The wedding day is the special day for the couple who is going to get married, you don’t have to do anything to take their attention. Tips to be a good lady of honor that a friend asks you to be a lady of honor of her wedding is an ineffable emotion. 


This gesture means that you are someone very important for her. Therefore, you want you to have a special presence on such a designated day. To know how to be a good lady of honor, do not miss the following tips. Help it in all preparations for the link you can. Give him moral support and be the shoulder where she relieves when she needs it. If you are going to talk at the wedding, prepare the speech and practice it to make it perfect. Look pretty, but no more than her. Do not do anything that can separate the attention of her guests. Finally, in the following video you can know the functions of an honor lady at a wedding.

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