The Work Of Pride And Prejucio

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The work of pride and prejucio

If there is a work that we can call as fundamental and priority for universal literature where we see the historical movement of women in the British and macho society of the 18th century, this is pride and prejudice. Its author was Jane Austen, an English woman who lived in the Georgian era, who was also known as one of the novelists who through literature revolutionized and questioned the image and importance of women. The work, which is located in the change of the nineteenth century, draws an England of great castles, of long family stories, of dances and all kinds of social relations that most of the time are governed by two elements, precisely pride and the prejudice; Describe in a poetic, intelligent and ironic way the life of the young women of the English countryside, through a thorough psychological characterization and a specific behavior of their characters. The story revolves around a love relationship, but also addresses the fierce criticism of social conventions and the abyss between classes, but especially to the importance of marriage for the young women of the English countryside and for what purpose it contracted.

The famous novel tells events, for a year and a half of the life of a small group of characters in the middle of the reign of Jorge III, which live in a small peasant town, Hertfordshire, near London. In the center of this society is the adorable and crazy Bennet family, with its five married daughters; But the life of one of the young women, Elizabeth Bennet, gives a radical change following the arrival of a single man of "considerable fortune" to the neighborhood: Charles Bingley, along with his sisters and his great friend of him Fitzwilliam Darcy Darcy Darcy. Throughout the work the love story that grows between Elizabeth and Mr is evident. Darcy, and all the complications that it contracts by the pride and prejudice that the characters have.

Marriage or marriage, is the conjugal union of two people through certain legal rites or formalities, to establish and maintain a community of life and interests recognized as a family by law. Today, there is only one reason for a woman to marry, and it is because she has found her true love, and she is ready to spend the rest of her life with that person; She is the same woman who decides which man is good for her. In the past things were different, starting that it was the men who chose that woman who "was worth it", there were few who achieved a marriage for feelings of attraction. The conjugal union was better known as a contract, a hope for most women and with greater reason, for those families whose offspring were only women, which means that it was not a possibility, but a solution to a life of deprivations. According to the SAR, the mayorazgo is the civil law that allows the property of the property of the family to be transmitted by inheritance, and is only transmitted by male lineage, so that, to the death of the father, the mother and the daughters would lose Most of the fortune and the right to live on property. This is exactly the case that Jane raises in the Bennet family; at the time Mr. Bennet died, the property would go to William Collins, a distant cousin, and as much as MRS. Bennet and young women would be abandoned to their fate. This unfortunate position made women look for a spouse desperately to have a prosperous future. Throughout the story, the author shows several cases of arranged marriages, and gives indirect criticism of the bridal contract with the opinion and position of the protagonist of the work, Elizabeth Bennet. This woman enters the dilemma, to look for work and stay herself was no option for a young woman in the early nineteenth century, but at the same time thoughts arise, new ideas about marriage, love and finding the soulmate , instead of just looking for financial security; Traditional, practical and love marriages were beginning to seem like a strange way to traffic people, and around all the work it can be evidenced that Elizabeth always acts according to her criteria and her principles. Jane, causing her main character to decide to do and decide things based on her wishes, gives an example of how women should act.

Austen, provides us with an entertaining and interesting work in all its aspects and details, and endowed with a modernity and unusual feminist touch in the England she draws. Personally, I think that reading this book is essential to understand the power and importance that women have in universal history, and how and why they must fight for their desires and opinions. 

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