The Woman And The Way In Search Of Rights For A More Just Society

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The woman and the way in search of rights for a more just society

This essay deals with one of the most relevant social problems today, gender violence, and how and how this problem has gone from being a private issue to a public or social issue.

Gender violence is a phenomenon that has occurred throughout history and in all societies and cultures, in addition this phenomenon occurs in all social and ethnic groups and is not related to social class, cultural level or race.

The main cause that has occurred for centuries is the misogynist culture that throughout history has been created by false beliefs about the meaning of masculinity and femininity and about the "natural" superiority of some over theothers.

When we refer to the words of Jorge Luis Borges in Emma Zunz, the protagonist receives a letter written by a neighbor of the pension where her father lived, telling her that the latter had died. The narrator accountswho was now the chief of Emma at the factory, of which he had become an owner. Thus he tells how Ema planned everything on one night, then arrived at the factory, as he had agreed with Aaron Loewenthal, his chief and former head of his father and guilty of the misfortune and suicide of this. Emma shot him. The rest were statements, where Emma affirmed how Loewenthal cited her and abused her. This narrative has impressed me a lot. I have felt as if myself were living the circumstances that he describes, to the point of sharing with the protagonist the hatred and the desire for revenge. The plot and strategy that plans, the hard and passionate moments that live in its own violation and in the murder of the cause of all its misfortunes.

We have seen how the supposed misogyny of Borges is actually consistent with its purpose of exploring central issues of a male domain culture, for which crucial issues such as power, creation and relationship with death are issues that concern men. Women are, at best, symbols encoded by them.

What has been discovered is that the incredible but plausible story of abuse as a motive for the crime was mounted, false. He has discovered, in principle the narrator who is who makes him known, although he claims the alibi as an instrument of justice.

Likewise, women are taken as an object, that there is actually this problem since always, the woman was always reified, moreover, until not so long ago the woman did not consider part of society. Being a woman throughout history has been a fact marked by several stages, where the issue has always been the oppression-liberation of this population.

Equality between genres is not only a fundamental human right, but the basis necessary to achieve a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. The woman is always in inequality, she suffers violence in all aspects, but thanks to the feminist movement we can say that we are part of society although we lack a long way forward ahead. Thanks to this movement we can say that we acquire new rights. In the eagerness to combat the scourge of gender violence, Law No. 26 was promulgated.485 of ‘Integral protection to prevent, sanction and eradicate violence against women in the fields in which they develop their interpersonal relationships’ in order to promote positive actions that tend to ensure women the enjoyment and exercise of the rights recognized by theNational Constitution and international treaties on the subject. However, inequities based on a hierarchical system of social, political and economic relations that, from stereotyped gender roles and with the excuse of biological difference, sets the characteristics of masculinity as a parameter of human conceptions and thus institutionalize theInequality to the detriment of women.

We find that women suffer violence in all areas, as we previously saw the case of Emma Zunz, at the time of claiming or seeking revenge is in a situation of violation which in most cases is very difficult to prove. Undoubtedly, a crisis situation, whatever, makes those who are exposed to it more vulnerable. The crisis of the rule of law or its absence is associated with the vulnerability of people, because it is lost or does not have citizen security, because impunity reigns, because there are no basic social services. In a war situation of all against all, women, adolescents and young people have those of losing, run the risk of being involved in a situation of vulnerability.

After the historic failure F.A.L of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, abortion is not punishable in any case of violation.

In practice, women who go through this situation do not have so easily, since in the society in which we live they continue to question the woman who goes through a violation, instead of being contained, she is morally judged. In some cases, we meet women who decide.

Obstetric violence is one that exercises health personnel on the body and reproductive processes of women, expressed in dehumanized treatment, an abuse of medicalization.

This constitutes one of the many forms of violence and discrimination sufferedothers.

Obstetric violence can affect women and their child during pregnancy, childbirth and even post delivery. It is manifested through practices, behaviors, actions or omissions, about women and the newborn, carried out by health professionals who directly or indirectly, both in the public and private sphere, affect the body and reproductive processesWomen’s.

Then, with the aforementioned law is regulated.929 On humanized birth, it establishes that social works governed by national laws and prepaid medicine entities must necessarily provide certain benefits related to pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum. That this law highlights the rights of every mother to information, to the decent, respectful and individual treatment, advocating her freedom of choice.

We see how women are so vulnerable to suffer violence, and the serious thing about this problem that a law had to be created to protect women at the time of giving birth. We arrived at the situation of women who gave birth in unconventional ways to avoid situations of obstetric violence;However, not all of them achieve it.

These proposals are necessarily leading to a need to rebuild the political social categories that binary all areas of human life, which hierarchize and limit. To understand that laws are not stagnant compartments, but are letter that has to beating to the rhythm of the social changes and demands of beings that make up the world and that it is time for society to get out of typecasting, of the invisibility, ofBreaking gender binary structures, allowing the real self-perception of each individual, their body, their experiences, to be ableState subsumed automatically, naturalizing, reproducing a hierarchized and oppressive system.

In short, the male/ female opposition does not exist, but what is sought that women can overcome that barrier of inequality and be considered the same as men, it must be a new way of seeing the world with a more respectful framework towards social demandsof the present, in short a world in which sexual diversities do not lead to gender inequalities. 

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