The Use Of Plastic And Its Impact On The Environment

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The use of plastic and its impact on the environment


In this essay we will be playing a well -known topic throughout the world today, however, we will focus on some unknown or ignored data which is important to make clear the consequences of plastic and its impact on the environment through the exploitation of the exploitation ofIts use which can be present in most products that we use in everyday life in any field and corner of our society.

Due to all this unconsciousness and inappropriate use of this moldable material is that we are in the problem of the great pollution stain that we propitiate when consuming in large quantities thus helping to continue using and producing each time for which we canAssume without problems the normal thing that is to see on the garbage street made of plastic which can be found in different applications that can become infinite.


To start first we need to know what plastic is and how it is formed;The plastic is a term used to cover an extensive list of synthetic and chemical materials that are used in immense quantities and in very infinite applications within the products consumed by the human being, it should be clarified that we see where we see the plastic remains every timeMore and more despite the different reduction strategies that supposedly apply the first plastic pollutant companies. The use of plastic can be seen from the simplest materials for a home task to perfectly hermetic wrappers of products that serve in hospitals all this because if the plastic is very easy to use and facilitates life for its long durationHowever, this same long duration is the one that is generating the problem in rivers, seas, lakes and oceans regarding the amounts of garbage that are generated per year only in our aquifers. Only in our aquifers it is possible to find 13 million tons of plastics in different forms (bottles, bags, glasses, plates, etc.) Thanks to different organizations that allow us to know the large amount of pollution that is in our oceans, the knowledge that there are five islands created of garbage which have extended to costs and in the depth of the sea due to the movement of the movement of the movement of thewater, fishing activity and human activity in general. The panorama with which we live every day is very sad and hopeless because many of the sea creatures that end in contact with these massive amounts of garbage end up dying in so much garbage or intoxicated by all the garbage they have consumed which to theironce it takes them to die, in a single year about 100,000 species die per year for plastic. The amount of news that we can find is impressive if we look for marine animals that have died from the garbage they have consumed by accident, on the other hand we have pollution in our rural areas, cities and entertainment spaces, today and precisely here in Nuevo León, which is a very consumerist state we can find several important sites within our tourist frame that are dirty by urban spot and its plastic pollutants that come to "lighten" more our life, but without realizing it we are simply destroying it more Due to its long degradation and bad waste of it, despite having a lot made known in the figures of statistics made by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) the amount of garbage ge neracked by the country and in turn the percentage with which Nuevo Leon contributed in this figure, the figure is 104 thousand 350 tons of urban waste in the country which are collected daily and if that were not enough of this huge amount new Leon contribute with a 4.4 percent. More and more the human being is oversaturated with information regarding the awareness of this topicSo dangerous our ecosystem and many of our species are under danger of extinction from sea creatures to birds that have also died for ingesting plastic bags.


Many of oursIt is possibleWhich we have not yet been able. "The worst threat of our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" (Robert Swan, 1956).


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