The Surveillance System

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The surveillance system


Nowadays, having a video surveillance system or security cameras is an optimal solution to keep thieves away and protect both a business and a home and its inhabitants. The constant progress of technology, especially in recent years, has led the security sector to offer increasingly efficient products, for all needs and very competitive prices. We can guarantee our security from really complex systems and that stand out for their efficacy and home to a simple surveillance chamber that we can buy at an economic price.


Surveillance cameras are extremely useful, since they allow monitoring the activities of people who visit their home and office.  Through them we obtain a record of what happens in addition to providing us with mental tranquility by discouraging a possible robbery. The simplest cameras that we can find are the interior and most likely the most economical. They do not need a protection housing or mechanisms as a night vision, since there is usually permanent lighting during the hours that supervision is needed. On the contrary, an external camera tends to require better qualities.

The first of these is that it is clearly visible, followed by considerable weather resistance, it must also have IP66 (water resistance) and night vision. Something that you should also keep in mind is the site you are going to monitor, since it will logically install the camera on the wall, so that you should notice that it has a nearby feeding source and that the WiFi signal arrives in caseYou have bought a wireless camera. The outdoor anti -vandalism cameras developed with independent pieces or components, are the best option in environments with a lot of public transit.

Therefore they are indicated for communities of neighbors, garages, parking, courtyards, sports center, hotels, gas stations and supermarkets;These anti -vandalism surveillance cameras are very versatile and the configuration possibilities they offer are infinite. Also, thanks to their large size and robustness, they generate a great deterrent and their degree of protection is optimal. They support the blows preventing them from getting off or moving and thanks to their exterior housing, so the camera electronics are perfectly protected. IP cameras are complete systems that connect directly to the Internet.

And show the image of the place where it is placed. They are the most used and sold on the market since they offer live video and audio signals allowing, in this way, access to transmissions remotely from anywhere in the world through the computer, Smartphone U Tablet, without the need for other equipment. For this reason, it is very important to protect video signals by encoding them through internet transmissions and safe wireless if the camera will be placed in a place with little lighting or 24 -hour surveillance is needed. The best option is to place cameras with night vision. 

These effective cameras record throughout the day in full color and when there is little lighting they automatically ignite their infrared to continue recording in black and white interpreting the information they receive as accurately as possible. Even with today’s technological advances, some of the main -manufacturing companies for cameras in this sector, work to make possible the ability to even process color in full darkness, through a complex software to show us some imagesin quite realistic color. At this point we find a surveillance camera style.

This brings together security characteristics that we have specified in other models. The cameras with movement and zoom, also known as Domo cameras are resistant and difficult to manipulate devices, capable of capturing better images by being able to be located in any area of the roof. Within its outstanding qualities is its speed of movement and image approach. In addition, the existence of external controls provides the possibility of varying the approach and zoom remotely, without being detectable where the camera is pointing, and this thanks to its tempered glass coating. 

They allow the reproduction of images in places with little lighting and have the ability to automatically compress the captured images and videos, which will occupy less hard drive space without being altered in quality. One of the main attributes that this type of cameras possesses is that they offer a greater degree of surveillance than any other model. This is because, not being perceived by those who are in place, people act normally without worrying about being recorded. In this way, if you need to monitor or monitor some environment with total discretion, either at home, office or business.


The use of spy cameras is recommended. Another of the characteristics that this security system has is that it can be placed anywhere without being noticed, since there are several models of false objects in which this type of mechanism is installed. Some of them are the output signs, smoke or movement detectors and sprinklers. It is important to emphasize that although this type of surveillance mechanism has many advantages one of the points against it is that the internal memory of the camera does not accumulate much recording time, in addition to that it lacks the infrared system for which it is very complicatedto record good images when there is no good lighting. 

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