The Success Of The Businessman: Henry Ford

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The success of the businessman: Henry Ford

Brief biography of your life

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan, United States.

His low -income parents Willa Ford and Mary Litogot who at that time owned a very profitable farm. Henry had four brothers Mary, Jane, William and Robert.

He studied is a local dearborn school where he tried to forget the difficult life he had on the farm due to the difficulties he presented, by 1876 his mother dies due to childbirth which generates an imbalance in his personal life. After this during a walk along the farm with his father, Henry carefully analyzes a machine that was useful at that time for the production of the farm causing some interest inside the machines, that is why at age 16 he decides to leaveLa Granja and Travel to Detroit where he got the work as a machinist apprentice in a company dedicated to the manufacture of iron ships.

After 3 years of working at that company, Henry decidesFord that was born on November 6, 1893.

In 1891 Ford had the position of engineer in the company Edison Illuminating Company, generating experiments with gasoline engines, which by 1896 achieves its first gasoline propelled vehicle, and thus Ford begins to develop its ideas, with whatwhich is now the mythical T and American dream.

On April 7, 1947, Henry Ford at the age of 83 years dies from a cerebral hemorrhage in the United States and is buried in the Ford Cemetery in Detroit.

Historical context in which he lived. Special reference to the business and economic situation of the country where he lived, as well as the international economic environment.

Business and economic situation of the country where he lived

Henry Ford was born just when the US civil war was taking place, in addition to this when Henry decidesFord wanted to be one of them.

When Ford already creates your company and maintains the process "immobile assembly chain" generating good income, so it decides to double the minimum wage to $ 5 and generating sources of work for the inhabitants of Detroit, in this way the country maintains a goodstable economy.

The Ford company at a time of its trajectory suffers a business crisis, since it loses to be a leader in the national production of gasoline propelled vehicles, General Motors appears, a competitive company that achieves first place in the production of cars, which, which, whichIt forces Ford to analyze and find a solution to be the national leader again, for this the Ford family takes time to analyze certain points and within this time it includes unemployment of personnel, generating at that time a bad economy for itsbusiness. After a careful Ford analysis together with their son Edsel they decideA beginning was the fundamental characteristic that the Ford company lost first place.

In October 1929 the Ford company enters into crisis, causing the unemployment of millions of people, generating a bad economy that the United States is going through. The depression devasto to the American working class, was a notary in the country, there was no money, there was no work and there was no hope, causing a strong economic crisis for the country.

In 1931, the Ford company, since the sales of the new “A” model did not materialize and fell tragically, all this occurred to the appearance of once again the competent companies such as Chevrolet and Pin WoodIn this way Henry Ford decides to stop production and be obliged to unemploy.

Due to the unexpected production closures of the Ford company, the workers were forced to demand certain rights and protested against Henry Ford, causing a bad business image towards the “The Rush” production plant.

International Economic Environment

Through a war generated in Europe, Ford decides to participate in international politics, trying to make things calm, in an Ford interview, it is necessary to give everything it has for the purpose of war reaching its culminationI would do it without any problem. Businessly Henry Ford wins a good image locally and internationally for your company and industry.

Henry Ford when fulfilling its biggest dream that is creating the largest industry company on planet Earth, gains international recognition, as well as generating many sources of work and helps the economy to advance and stay in good condition.

Certain protests, demonstrations were carried out due to unforeseen closures of the “The Rush” production plant, causing a poor business vision, not only locally but internationally.

With the appearance of the new “Ford UV8” model, propaganda, praise, letters of its fans especially of a friend appeared, which gave the news around the world generating improve the business situation of Ford, as well as that of its economy for having avery fast car, that anyone wanted to get it.


Henry Ford moves to the city of Detroit with his wife to work at the company “Edison Illuminating Company” where he began learning a lot and therefore ascending quickly, where he was a chief engineer to double his salary.

Apart from serving as a worker in the Edison company, Henry in his spare time worked at home with the idea that he was in mind that it would be the vehicle propelled with gasoline, later his investigations and constructions for the vehicle was emerging with the help of some workers whoThey were from the company where he works, finally that vehicle propelled with gasoline would shape the night on June 4, 1896 and called it "quadricycle", this term is based on the approach that Henry had in his head, which was to place twobicycles together and propel them with a gasoline engine.

Three years later sponsors appear to verify the correct operation of the gas -powered vehicle, thus closing the negotiation of the contract. The company takes the name of “Detroit Automobile Company” in which Henry occupies the position as chief of mechanic, however this business lasted only one year, since Henry was not able to manufacture enough vehicles for the company to pay off,Despite this Henry Ford never gave up, which thought of a new plan, which consisted of manufacturing a racing car, again that plan was not fruit since it could not solve the production of racing cars that required thebusiness.

Some time later Ford manages to obtain financing and decides to create his own company, which he called “Ford Motor Company”, decides to investigate and analyze the problem for which in his previous works he did not achieve with the proper objective.

In July 1903 Ford managed to sell his first car manufactured in his own company.

With the passing of time the Ford company already acquires a new car model, more powerful and obviously more expensive than the first model. Because he grew up on a farm, in an active sector in production, I also consider that factor to create a new model much more efficient than the previous two, it is here where the famous T model T was born, which turned out to be a surprising success, leavingFor sale in October 1908, great was the demand for this new auto model that Ford manufactured, what the company could not support all the requests requested, it is there that a new question arose which had to please the demand of the users.

Henry Ford with the help of their engineers created an interesting method to be ableIt took time to build a vehicle previously.

Apart from the construction processes that could be involved, Henry Ford not only thought about production, but also in their workers, that is why I double the minimum wage to $ 5, becoming a complete professional.

I participate during the war that occurred at that time, opening the doors of your company for the government, in order to help transport staff with their vehicles and also to operate them as ambulances.

In 1919 Henry Ford bought all the actions of the company, becoming the sole owner of the company along with his wife and son, having total control of the company, so he builds the first Fordson tractor and a small plane for aOnly passenger.

Ford apart from the construction of motorized vehicles also built and found several experimental schools, however, the largest dream that Ford had is the construction of a gigantic production plant called "The Rush", I carried out, built it on the shoresDel Rio Rush in Dearborn, Michigan, with a total area of 444 hectares, becoming the largest industrial area on planet Earth at that time, with a number of staff around 80.000 employees.

During the production time of T models, the “General Motors” competition appears causing Ford to analyze and make a better decision to combat with competition, because now users also wanted something aesthetic in their cars, a better vision, a betterimage. So the first model is renewed, the “A” model, now with a good image and much more modern than the previous one. For this, Ford does a continuous work with his son Edsel, having the same objective in common, but Ford would take care of all the mechanical details of the vehicle, while Edzel would devote himself to the external appearance of the vehicle, in this way they would generate a changenotable for production and would enter the fight against competition again.

Despite the controversies, immediate production closures, manifestations, Henry Ford always had an idea to get ahead, an innovative idea that will have good results in the production market. Now it is the turn of the new vehicle propelled with gasoline engine, whose model is the "Ford UV8" leaving behind Chevrolet competition, where its modern model was a 6 -cylinder engine while the new Ford model is 8 cylinders.

During a war that occurred during Henry Ford’s legacy, he decidesThen it was that of a "P24 liberating bomber" and in this way Ford did not stop building more models, in addition to cooperating with his country.

Other contributions. (What are the characteristics as leader – based on the reading conclusions made in class)

According to reading, it is said that a leader is a person who has a lotSince despite the situation he lived during his business life he always knew howWhat Ford did an appropriate strategy to be a leader of his country with his company, and be competitive with other companies that have the same purpose.

In the same way another characteristic of a leader is to be a guide during the project in order to face difficult challenges, changes and situations during the execution of the project, so Ford had the same characteristic in properly guiding its workers, in addition to being able to meet the demand for cars for users, as well as created new jobs and create different sources of work.

Another characteristic that Henry Ford presented is that I had security in itself, a gift of energy, was able to solve any type of problem that was presented to him, worked under pressure since he had a strong competition and worries foreverIf the leader also had to devote himself to be able to meet the demand of the users, and above all he was creative with the help of his son Edsel since he managed to present different types of vehicle models.

Henry Ford highlighted the characteristic of improving business productivities in order to be able to make positive changes related to the welfare of the worker, so in an instant when he saw that the work was too hard in his company under the hours of work and doubleMinimum salary of its employees.

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