The Submission Of Women In Marriage

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The submission of women in marriage

” Doll House ” is a work that stands out for dealing with issues and dilemmas that are of great controversy both in ancient and today, for example, the role of women within marriage, specifying their function compared to that of an object but not as a person. Author Henri Ibsen tries.

The work ‘‘ Doll Casa ’’ written by Henri Ibsen in the 19th century, is divided into two acts, within which three types of scenes are recorded, they usually develop inside the house.

The interposition he had towards the norms was very evident, however, it was characterized by writing works of metaphorical titles that maintained a very soft but very direct content, in the argument of ‘‘ dollhouse ’’ describes the real environment of society.

On March 20, 1828, Henri Johan Ibsen was born, raised by a working family who, in a very short period, the businesses broke up to such an extent that the parents of parents took the decision to separate, since they thought it was the best.

This reason raised with Ibsen’s parents, it was because they were afraid that society would criticize destructively, damaging the image and prestige in the economic aspect. The greatest contradiction that existed in the life of this character was that he studied medicine helping as a pharmacist in Grimstad around 1844.

However, this specialty did not prevent him from exercising his ideals within the theater, until he in the end can act as stage director, National Theater Author at Bergen and director of the Christian Theater.

On May 23, 1906 he died because of a stroke. On the other hand, the term submission can be damaged, since it can be treated from various points of view, but in this case I study the most common concept, that is to say that ‘‘ also implies the simultaneous development of domination. In this sense, one person dominates the other, exercising some kind of power or control within the framework of the relationship. The subject that is delivered to submission, therefore, must accept the rules imposed by the dominator.’’

One of the main reasons why this type of problem continues is the fear of being affected both personally and socially involving the family. From ancient times to the present, the people who have been harmed the most are women.

These consequences are produced by certain reasons such as: continuing to contribute to certain ideologies of cultures, keep man as the ‘king’ ’at home and depend on him, letting herself be sacrificed working, etc. These are the most primary that the perfect role fulfills until they reach gender discrimination.

In this case, this type of event occurs in a marriage, which can harm the children, but the manipulator turns out to be the father of those children and husband of that woman who suffered, this type of submission stands out in the social and economic sphere.

Many of the cases that have been documented to discreetly narrated are examples that happen today and always, causing the female gender to fulfill a role that will always be repeated being the victim in the aspects that must commonly be done as in the home, at home, Hence, great consequences of repression and suffering can be generated.

Although the obstacles are too large, the possibility of receiving any type of help that is reliable to get out of that role of oppression and anguish, especially because thanks to the struggle that has been generated for several years we have that freedom, in addition, We enjoy something enormous that is known as respecting and being respected.

By the authorities not only nationally if not internationally implemented equality laws in all areas that man could generally exercise and even in the most forced works.

Nature was considered as the origin and justification of the place of women in society: tasks, roles, statutes, powers, etc. References to their physiology presented such an amplitude, and their mythological and ideological representations, which concealed all other aspects, cheaper and more sociocultural and their mechanisms of domination.

Although opinions are varied with respect to this issue, this form of manipulation must be demonstrated with true facts. For example, in the work ‘‘ Doll House ’’ written by Henri Ibsen creator of the realistic genre also known as dialectic, belongs to the dramatic theater for maintaining a formal colloquium using common metaphors, because the dialogue reigns.

Thus, in act I, in scene I and pages 9 and 10 it focuses two different themes such as the wrist aspect that Nora had with her husband and manifests realism openly, that is, the truth after appearances inside a home.

(Ibsen, 1879, p. 9 and 10) makes us known the following:

Helmer (inside): Is my all -bristle?

Nora (opening packages): Yes.

Helmer: Is my squirrel that fuss?

Nora: Yes!

Helmer: Is the squirrel for a long time ago?

Nora: I just arrived. (Save the Cucurucho de Confites in your pocket and clean your mouth). Come here, Torvaldo; Look at the purchases I have made.

This fact shows us that the woman welcomes everything her husband mentions her, but the realistic part focuses on the real description of a family’s environment, however, the author’s decisions are different from what is proposed, we try to give us Know the vicious environment of machismo against women.

Castañeda (as cited in Moral, 2016) expresses that the incorporation of women into the labor market since the second half of the twentieth century, as well as the progressive acceptance of divorce and single -parent families with women as heads of family have been marking a softening of the norms of feminine submission to the authority of man. Today there is a growing criticism and resistance to sexist ideology, especially among women; However, subtle or implicit attitudes and forms of machismo present in public and private spheres persist in this country.

On the other hand, (Moral & Ramos, 2016, p. 39) They offer us as an example that we have the fact that, in a traditional family, if the woman works and the male does domestic tasks, it is usually recognized as the woman helps the man to the family support and the man helps the woman to the household care, but finally is above which sex is each scope of responsibility.

Thus, the specific form where equality would exist, but that concept is very misunderstood in the cultures that punish in a certain way the female gender manipulating their ideas and excluding them from society.

In summary; The word submission currently should not exist and everything that concerns rights and justice should be strengthened, but the reality is another that is why the woman in history has undergone changes that have gradually integrated it into what We know as a society, that is the result of a tireless struggle of positive rebellion and diverse feminist revolts.

The changes are as radical that are exercising positions of presidents of a nation, the objective of all this is to demonstrate the ability and strength to be able to raise and make conditions to two perfect ideals such as: home and society from its point more critical.

Thus, the way to mold society is to create it with more organization as they form in their homes. In reference to the work, it is concluded that in the end the author’s techniques were the best not only because of the detailed description of the environment but for trying to publicize a new message that has nothing to do with the title nor the content if not with the circumstances and the moment.

It is recommended that before being part of or being the main promoter to continue performing acts of submission and exclusion, the laws and all the functions that the State can exercise in cases like these must be known, in addition the sanctions that are abolished until fulfill them without opportunity to go back time.

Something very important is to recommend to all of us to be thinking beings who get involved in humanity leaving aside the characteristics of contempt and exception, to overcome our fears and share everything.


Question: How did your understanding of cultural and contextual elements developed through interactive oral activity? (The submission of women in ancient marriage to this day)

The consensus of understanding in the internal and external field of the unknown.

The learning that I managed to get to relate to my colleagues was that I met more about other works and managed to reorganize my ideas with new thoughts, although I believed that history would try the childhood of the author or a story for girls.

But, after reading the work “ Doll House ” I understood the story and reinforced it with the visual part, watching the movie, I realized the time, the scenes, the authors, the dress, the makeup and the culture from the city.

The main characteristic of submission is produced in the female gender and this was facilitated by the obligation that existed, being supported by the rulers who in this case belonged to the male gender.

Therefore, this work originated in a very complex time that reflected the impossibility of freedom of expression in women, which relegated women as another object of society. He is currently practiced with any type of person for his intellectual disability or for the aspect he presents.

At this time, the writer Henri Ibsen wrote certain types of writings that made them with metaphorical titles in order to externalize the life model that was produced in the past, compared to the present is deduced to the naked eye that this type of condition and suppression has changed.

The nineteenth -century culture compared to that of the 21st century, is inclined with an improvement society in the aspect of machismo, since it involves equal justice in all areas.

Men from the most insignificant to the most important in society, remained at a level that seized all of Norway and worldwide, which makes us known the author’s intention, that is, he was the only man with sincere thought that showed interest and concern for the female gender.

The most important cultural elements of that time were reflected in the ideology of women, this had been happening for many years, the verification of this lies in the childhood of Ibsen, because the situations had not improved, this information was expresses in the context of Ibsen by informing me that from a very young age I had had a very bohemian and sad life.

In summary, ‘‘ dollhouse ’’ is a dramatic work that is perfect to all time, since it manifests circumstances that happen today and will always occur, because society does not understand that there is already justice in every aspect.

On the other hand, the understanding of the female role in our society lies in exercising important positions in which the mentality of our female culture stands out is to propose the capacity and effort in trust and respect.

Ibsen’s writings were a way to reveal the reality of a society that instilled values ​​in the family and these are transmitted from our ancestors, for this reason the thought of men has changed mostly, but the effort was worth it.


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