The Subject Of Sonnet X

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The subject of sonnet X


The theme of sonnet X, is a common theme in Vega’s poetry, love. Sonnet X, highlights a painful love for the poet, because the present is not perfect and has become stormy for the poet. With the great theme of love, there is a relationship between the present and the past, associated with happiness and pain. In relation to the fundamental issue, there is a temporary disposition between the first quartet, the second quartet, and the two thirds. Vega divides the poem into three different parts to tell the history of its suffering and how the storm has weakened.


The poem begins with rhetorical exclamation with sweet and cheerful adjectives. These adjectives will contrast against the last verse of the quartet, and with it in my conjured death, which one creates a fundamental antithesis. This is an antithesis between happiness and pain that corresponds to the past and the present. The first stanza is an exaltation that highlights the pain before the memory of his beloved.

 The second quartet, now with a rhetoric interrogation, there is a apostrophe, aimed at the woman. In this stanza, everything brings disorientation in the poet, who considers himself a victim of his own destiny. There is an antithesis again, among the past hours that as well and so serious pain. Again the contrast between happiness and pain and its correspondence with the past and present. Vega remembers past happiness before severe and present sadness.

Entered into the last two stanzas, where the state in which the author is discovered is. There is an opposition I entered an hour that indicates a brief storm and by terms that has a prolonged connotation. The contrast is chained with another antithesis between you and you disgust. Both antithesis highlight the destiny and great suffering that is knowing in the poetic voice. In addition, there is a desperate request of the lyrical subject, take me with me that you left me. The lyrical subject wants the salvation of his pain;However, the simple and natural language means a lack of hope that his request will succeed. Reach the last verse, see me die between sad memories. Here, the word has become crying and the rhetorical exclamation of the beginning is now in babbling. As the poet’s pain increases, he is only able to babble. 


This suffering is expressed through alliteration. There is a combination of emes and erres that produce a babbling effect. Balbuceo is also shown through simple vocabulary in the poem. The nouns of the sonnet are common, not very abundant and with strong semantic load. Ideas grow throughout the poem to show an increase in their suffering. While the past becomes the present, the happiness of its memories becomes a severe and painful reality.  

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