The Study Of The Wayúu Ethnic Group

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The study of the Wayúu ethnic group

The Wayúu ethnic group is the most important Colombian indigenous culture, it is located almost entirely in La Guajira Alta, more specifically in the municipality of Uribia, so it is recognized as the indigenous capital of Colombia. 

Thanks to ethnic tourism, tourists can know the traditions, cultural expressions and the social life of the indigenousBe part of your daily living in lodgings or inns with food service.

Although ethnotourism offers many benefits such as those previously named, there are also many disadvantages such as cultural exploitation, and the loss of identity, so it is important to find a balance and a midpoint between ethnotourism of which both tourist and inhabitantThey benefit, and the "ethnotourism" from which no one benefits.

Ecotourism in Guajira is also very important, thanks to the diversity of the ecosystems of the region, La Guajira has one of the 4 deserts of Colombia, but also with tropical dry forests, tropical wet forests, savannas, and all theThermal flats with their respective fauna, which is why the most appropriate environment is generated to practice activities such as bird watching, reptiles and fauna in general, it is also possible to observe very diverse flora, walk through interpretive paths in natural parks, know about themineral exploitation and repopulation of animal and plant species.

La Guajira has large extensions of beaches, most of these are virgin beaches of calm waters and white sands, which is why sun and beach tourism is considered an important factor in the region, however, this kind of tourism does notIt has a fast growth as in other regions of the country since Guajira does not have the necessary infrastructure, either with hotels or resorts for its visitors, this in part for the little interest of the government in the region and in the same way because indigenous groupsthat they reside there are completely opposed to the tourist exploitation of their lands, which is why the only tours, and lodgings in La Guajira are offered by indigenous people.

Thanks to the strong northern winds, fans and professionals arrive to practice activities such as Kitesurf and Navigation in Small Sailors. The rivers and ravines of La Guajira are ideal for canyoning. As mentioned above there are various paths to practice hiking. In the Ahuyama desert area, tours are offered in Windcars, in the same way it is also possible to surf in the desert dunes. In high Guajira, automobile competitions such as La Guajira Rally are carried out. This is why adventure tourism also has a very important role for this region.

Unfortunately "in Guajira all evils seem to meet". Its monetary poverty index is almost four times the national. In addition, its last governors have not been able to reduce the serious statistics in health, education and food security. 

La Guajira has an average of eight hours of sun with very high temperatures that, together with strong winds they end with any crop, this and the low infrastructure leads to the level of malnutrition being almost 5 times higher than the national average. Guajira also does not have drinking water, this promotes the spread of gastrointestinal diseases. But the only threat of Guajira not only the shortage of rain and high temperatures, one of the greatest problems is state abandonment, corruption that has not allowed resources to arrive, the lack of social investment.

Colombia is a very large country, and it is possible to affirm that it is a centralized country, since Bogotá, its capital, is the most important city and the city where the most relevant decisions of the country are made, which is why Guajira being aPlace so remote and so depopulated, it is not usually very attractive or important for the rulers. Population density in La Guajira is approximately 48 inhabitants per square kilometer, this means that kilometers can happen without finding a single person, most inhabitants live in rancherías. 

According to the census held in 2018, only 10% of the population of La Guajira have access to the Internet, not even 50% have garbage collection, and only 46% have access to drinking water, which is why conditions that conditionsof life for some people in La Guajira are bad. 

Despite the long list of problems facing La Guajira, it is important to highlight that thanks to social networks and the media more and more people are aware of this situation and there are many who also want to help. Unfortunately the government is very indifferent in the face of the bad living conditions of the guajiros.

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