The Study Of The Vanguardias

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This essay will be about ismos which are: cubism, futurism, expressionism, dadaism and surrealism these are those artistic schools that were born in the 90s, which means that they are new current of the thought that is characterized by breakingThe schemes, styles and conventions, likewise give them another approaches and idealizations to traditional beauty prototypes in art and literature.

Cubism emerged in 1907, this current breaks traditional paintings and gives other approaches one of the important representatives in Cubism is Picasso since he creates works of art which can be seen from different points of view, thus tearing theTraditional puncture, another important representative is Georges Braque where the artist represents reality through cubes eh here the name of Cubism calling the interest of the spectators and also the reflection. 

We will also talk about futurism which appeared in Italy in 1909 its founder is the poet Filippo Tommaso and is characterized by being an art based on machines, industry, war, speed, literature among others where they were represented as beautiful and important in the same wayBreak the schemes presenting something totally new. An important representative and Boccioni highlighted because his futuristic works capture the chaotic of life and speed. On the other hand we will also deal with expressionism that emerged in 1900 characterized that in art reality is represented but subjectively, presenting the human being in your original form or with feelings and emotions, one of its greatest presenters is Edvard Munch whereHis works expressed anguish, pain, sadness making people feel identified. 

On the other hand we also have the Dadaism that arose in the years 1916 to 1924 which was based on historical facts and to be exact in the first to World War where artists who founded Dadaism chose to create art that has nothing to do withThe war also being profane of the war, one of the most recognized artists was Man Ray using mechanical objectives exposing them as criticism of the usual activities of the human being. 

As the last point of the essay treating the avant -garde I will appoint surrealism which arises in 1924 in France which appears because several artistites did not agree with the dadaism characterized by being revolutionary where it is based on psychoanalyst theories based on erotic, sexual elements,Materialization of dreams and thoughts also naked, machines and improper elements One of the authors is Salvador Dalí since the artist in his works expose concerns, feelings internal emotions and very human improper elements.

To conclude in this essay, it was presented about the avant -garde but it is importantOne of the avant -garde was given in chronological order and therefore in succession with each other, which leads to recognizing the type of context and situation of that time and as a last point and one of the most important according to my criteria is the relationship and identification thatThe spectators created through these avant -garde currents in the same way the reflection of what actually happened at the time and that is also a point of interest.  

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