The Study Of Sociology And Its Sociologos

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The study of sociology and its sociologos

Sociology is the branch that studies the general behavior of people, groups and the distribution of societies. Sociology has both great ways to communicate social phenomena. For a fraction, it deals with aggregates and social entities. Sociologists try to frequent what they are, how they work and how they affect the habit and comfort of people. Sociology studies generation, devotion, educational establishments, companies, administrations, theory, etc. It even deals with the features that characterize societies, such as discrepancy, values and beliefs, cultural manifestations, crime and migrations, among many others, having in matter how these traits condition the existence of the crowd. This method addresses as diverse as the inclusion of youth in the professional suppliers, the problems derived from the superior number of older people, the different professional trajectories women and men, the historical changes of the social classes, etc. On the other hand, sociology deals with the behavior of people in congruence with the remaining and with the aggregate of situations in which they live. Investigate how their actions occur and what consequences are in our subsistence modes. In personnel, take care of the brand that the humanity procedure has in the community through its actions and its contribution in the processes of change, creating new social forms or transforming the existing ones. Some types of function of which sociology deals with are: social movements, government position, commitment, technological revolution, emotional relationships and forms of tribute and laziness.

Previous sociologists saw sociology not as an entire environment of inquiry, eventuality through psychological or organic approaches. Durkheim, by the opposite, conceived the presence of specifically social phenomena ("social facts"), which constitute units of article that cannot be addressed with techniques that are not specifically sociological. Also Monotonus redefined sociology as the wisdom that has as its subject the article of these facts. Durkheim defined social facts in the rules of the sociological procedure as: "Modes of executing, reconsidering and conceiving external to the person, and that they have a comprehensive restraint of which they impose themselves to him"

These "social facts" exist in advance of the origin of a subject in a certain agreement and therefore, grip exterior to him. They are collective since they are fragment of the company’s civilization, and they are coercive since individuals are educated according to the rules and rules of the corporation isolated by the agreed of starting in it. Durkheim said: "If there were formerly that there are superficially of us" and mentions as examples the native union, writing and monetary use. Durkheim also said that the community is showing that frontally and internally from the subject to the similar place, thanks to the fact that it adopts and internalizes its titles and its honest. 

The social fact has a valid volume of restriction and subordination relationship of others. Therefore, the accustomed beneficial cannot be reduced to simple psychological data and the collective consideration eternally relative quota, the individual axiom, being in that time humanity, and not the individual, the union of original determination of sociology. 

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