The Study Of Human Acts For The Science Of Ethics

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The study of human acts for the science of ethics


Ethics is the science that studies things for its causes, of the universal and necessary, which is dedicated to the study of human acts. Acts carried out by the will and absolute freedom of the person. Likewise, ethics is the experience of moderation in human coexistence and the awareness of the limits that should not be exceeded to make it possible and to make sense.  


This science is increasing more and more in all areas, since it refers to life, responsibility, by appropriating decisions and their consequences, assuming the law, to be consistent and take care of itself. Back to Greek thinkers when they refer to the socratic idea of ​​"self-care" and Aristotelian taxonomy "know how to think, know how to live well and know how to do"

Professional ethics acquires public recognition; And it is that individual morals becomes transcendent in the field of profession. Professional ethics arises as a discipline that deals with specifying standards in the professional field to achieve purposes. (Emmanuel Derieux)

On the other hand, the ethics of a profession is the set of norms, in terms of which we define as good or bad, a practice and professional relationships. Good refers here, that the profession constitutes a community aimed at achieving a certain purpose ‘(Vaillarini)

We also find business ethics, which is like the set of values ​​and principles that are seen in one way or another reflected in the company’s culture, aim to achieve greater sympathy with society and in the same way allow a better adaptation of workers in any work environment, respecting their rights both in business and people.

Business ethics is very important, since, the retention of employees increases, that is, each of the workers will do everything possible to stay longer in a place where their bosses value their rights and opinions. It attracts investors, a business that promotes ethics, creates an environment favorable to investment. It helps to build and maintain a good reputation, because, a large part of ensuring business success is having a good image among our clients. It leads to long -term profits, since a company that values ​​ethics believes in the long -term benefits. And it helps create loyalty in customers, because there will be a positive image in the market. This makes consumers trust their products and services and will pass this information to their friends and family.

Many of the people are missing ethics because they are often not able to put their problems aside and not relate it to work. Therefore, it is useless to have a university degree or a position if the work is done with disinterest, thinking that each person who is at that time around you is to blame for your problems.

For this reason, professional ethics is mandatory with our being, a loyalty that cannot be abandoned, much less leaving aside to become a better person, with more principles and knowledge.


In conclusion, professional ethics does not have to depend on some norms or behaviors, since it is totally free and that for a person to have a good professional ethic it is essential that he enjoy a nature, environment or attitudes that can restore their sense of responsibility so that each individual has a better performance, as the main objective of ethics.

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