The Study Of Drug Trafficking In Peru

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The study of drug trafficking in Peru


The problem of drug use and consumption is increasing normally causes concern in the country and leads to social, economic, cultural, political, anthropological consequences of considerable size, involve issues such as elaboration, dissemination, andconsumption. In a study as well as other Latin American countries, the assumption that we were only a place of traffic and consecutively the drug problem had additional effects for the surrounding environment was maintained for a certain time. 

This assumption begins to be abandoned in the late 80Transit has become direct impact territory, especially the initial elaboration and deviation of controlled substances, money laundering, illicit trade, narcotics manufacturing, provision and expense centers.


In the world in which we live the social environment has had the greatest influence, more problems have been increased and without a doubt a much discussed topic is about the problems and abuse of drugs in individuals, they often charge lives of adults,including minors, making them side of society as useful people for the environment;It is for this reason that problems are given such as: abuse in homes, abuse of minors, suicides, migration, poverty, low self – esteem, insecure personality, lack of precise goals and opportunities in the social environment, among others. The affective circle that causes defect by nature is the relative because grace is affected to spending and excess of the use of drugs, they influence the person both emotionally and economically. The most common difficulties are those of family, professionals or sentimental group that often lead to the two family unions.

According to a report by the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime, a number of 246 million individuals are considered to be: one in twenty subjects transit the age from 15 to 64 years, consumed illicit drugs in 2013.”Worldwide illegal drug use in previous years has remained latent. The problem of drug use world. Then of an amount of about 27 million individuals literally half of those problematic individuals (12.19 million) consume injectable drugs, and it is estimated that 1.65 million of them were affected by HIV in 2013.

The report The drug problem in the Americas (2013) of the Organization of American States (OAS) stands out as one of the most important points than the actions of government establishments to answer the question of drugs do not always result in aReduction of criminal activity, but only in its modification. This fact shows that the search for a reform of the interdiction strategies that aims to reorientation of efforts destined for the true causes of the phenomenon of illicit drug trafficking (important marketing, planned crime, traffic of chemical provisions and washing ofmoney).

In the formation of the drug circuit, each class of social actors depends on others and, in turn, subordinates them, such as politicians based on the image of the social problem produced at that time and on the attitudes thatTake the public, from which their votes come. In the selection of information, the media of multitude depend on the behaviors existing in the public and their demand for information and confirmation of the image of reality. In this way, this process can be synthesized with Meudt’s words, according to which experts, institutions, the public and the press are reinforced reciprocally;All of them develop both the war against the drug problem, which is directed essentially only against consumers.

When a person consumes drug it has two effects. The primary that is properly produced by those psychotropic substances that the social actor is generally consuming negative effects that could be part of the foundation for a preventive of inclusion, information and teaching, are harmful and harmful to the health of the human being, leads toA dependency, it should be stressed that such dependence can be produced by the consumption of both legal and illegal substances that the secondary substances produce the effects of the drug that lead to criminalization. Looking at it from another perspective, the effects produced by psychotropic substances are not always negative, since they do not depend solely on the pharmacological amount it contains, it depends on countless elements such as the consumer entity, consumer conditions. The conditions under which the act of consumption that surrounds it directly influence the person’s thinking is carried out in consumption.

How many times have you heard about prisons? The concepts that each person has of it varies, some look at it as a rehabilitation center so that people who committed a crime can learn their lesson, others look at it as a place where bad people are punished, in the textIt focuses on jail for people who traffic drugs, emphasizes that people who distribute drugs mostly belong to the vulnerable sector, the reasons why people accept distributing drugTo pay a large debt or simply do it because the environment to which they belong forces them to follow a chain of which it is very difficult to leave, here are life stories of young people who from very early ages have had to devote themselves to this, whatThey take as a family business.


In Peru there is a punitive populism, certain measures are taken for people who are arrested for the crime of traffic such as the increase in penalties or the prohibition of prison benefits, it is desired to implement more prisons, but this is not an alternative it is necessary to change their strategy, what the text proposes that it should be done is to implement measured educational partner, so that there is a reintegration in the world and that the application of alternative measures for deprivation of liberty are more respectful of human rights (J., 2017).



  • Magelinckx, j.(2017). Fight against drugs in Peru: a lost battle. Lima: Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.

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