The Story Of The Young Raskolnikov

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The story of the young Raskolnikov


The story is about Raskolnikov, a young university student from the Russian capital, St. Petersburg, who was forced to leave the university due to lack of resources seeing the efforts of his mother and sister for sending him money for sending him money for sending him money. In the absence of money, an old lender to commit some objects resorts.


His sister wanting to help him accepts the marriage proposal of a wealthy lawyer, but Raskolnikov upon learning did not like the idea, since she did not first consulted her. Raskolnikov has the idea of killing Ivanovna, the old usurera and that idea torments him and grows every day until he decides to kill her not only to steal it but because he thought it was a useless human being and that only affects the people around her. The jewels and money owned. 

There Raskolnikov realizes that there are two types of people in the world which, on the one hand, believe they can commit a crime for the good of society and others must be subject to the laws that impose them. The only moral explanation he has after having committed the murder is that he is a superior man, so he feels no remorse for the crime committed. He is also forced to kill the old woman’s sister because he surprises him in the crime scene.

After having committed the crime, he begins to delir, having fevers, wandering the streets losing the notion of time. When wandering the streets, it is that an former official named Marmeladov, who is a drunk who endsProstitute to help his family and whom Raskolnikov confesses his crime.


Raskolnikov more and more feels the need to surrender to the authorities, but the fear of being imprisoned when trying to make his confession. On one occasion he was summoned to the police station, but it was for him to sign a role, since he had a debt without paying. At that moment he feels a great impulse to confess his crime, but when he thinks it a little more he stops and retracts. Seeing that he became the type of person he hated decided to surre. He is sent to Siberia prisons to fulfill his sentence and Sonia accompanies him, at that time Raskolnikov realizes that he loves her and when his sentence ends he wants to live with her.

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