The Story Of The Celestial Fairies

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The story of the Celestial Fairies


In a very far past there was a palace in which two heavenly fairies called Nilan and Yalei lived, the fairies spent the day weaving clouds for the emperor of the heavens. But although they lived in a wonderful palace and had all kinds of comforts and luxuries were very boring to weave clouds every day.


One day Nilan told Yalei:

  • Every day is the same!, Why don’t we go down to the little sister?, I would like to see all the wonders of the earth!.

And Yalei replied:

  • Yes, we are going to go down to earth, I can’t remain so boring here!. How are we going to make a little sister?, If the emperor finds out he will lock us in the dungeon.

That day was the Birthday of the emperor and all the palace servants were busy preparing for a great party and the guard that guarded the door of the Earth to provide with a glass of wine for the health of the emperor and so much drank that fell asleep.

The two fairies seeing the guard sleeping on tiptoe, silently, and they made their way to the door that led to the earth and escaped.

  • Now, little sister, Nilan proposed, we will separate. You will go south and I will go north. And when we find someone in trouble, we will stay to help him.

And right there the two fairies separated.

Yalei met a very sick old woman and stayed to help her and very soon the old woman regained her you and her health. And Nilan helped a little blind girl who regained her eyes.

The two fairies felt very happy on earth and never thought about heaven again.

But since nothing is eternal, unfortunately, one hundred years had passed on earth, which are exactly seven days in heaven. The party was over and the emperor began to look for fairies. But in vain, because he didn’t find them anywhere.

  • Where have they gone?, The emperor growled.
  • Time has spent since he rained and I need someone to tile a storm cloud as soon as possible.

And the emperor sent his servants to look for the two fairies. The servants soon returned to tell him that the door of the earth was open and that the two young men had probably fled.

  • It’s a shame! The emperor shouted. They have to find them as soon as possible!. Otherwise, I will send an abominable drought to Earth.

Then the servants went down to Earth in search of the two fairies. They finally found them. The fairies did not want to come back, but with the head down and the eyes full of tears fearing the wrath of the emperor they surrendered and returned to heaven.

Upon reaching the door of the earth Yalei said:

  • Little sister, I think I will die of sorrow if I can no longer see the world below.

Nilan nodded sighing, and then said:

  • I have an idea!. Let’s throw our mirrors through the door. So, when we look down, we will see the land reflected in them.


Then the two fairies took out their mirrors from and threw them. The mirrors shone, revolved for a moment and fell to the ground of the earth where they became two enchanted lakes whose crystalline waters reflected mountains, forests, hills and men. And you know where these two lakes are?. One is in China and the other in Japan and Colorín Colorado This story is over. 

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