The Story Behind The 5 Best Hits Of The Beatles

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The story behind the 5 best hits of The Beatles


From pop rock to psychedelic rock, without a doubt The Beatles changed the world and music, founded the concept of a classic band and rock. Today they are remembered as one of the best rock bands worldwide. I present you, the story behind its 5 best hits.


Without a doubt Eleanor Rigby is one of the best songs by the Beatles, being one of the best 500 songs in history. Paul McCartney, who is the author of the song, says that he took that name of actress Eleanor Bron with which he had previously worked in the movie Help!, And that he was looking for a surname rare to himself walking with his girlfriend of that year, Jane Asher met a store called Rigby. Later the tomb of a woman named Eleanor Rigby was found, who died in 1939 in the ST Church. Peter which McCartney and the former partner of his Lennon looked constantly, this song has the genre of Art Rock. Straw Fields Forever is a song composed of Lennon and this was inspired by his child. Album Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, but ended at the Magical Mistery Tour, according to the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, one of his worst decisions, he carries the genre of psychedelic rock. After an argument with him at that time wife of him, Cynthia Powell, John Lennon wrote Across The Universe carrying the genre of psychedelic folk and being one of the best recordings of the Beatles. In 2008, NASA reproduced this song in space causing this to be the first song that life could hear outside the earth. One of his most controversial songs, Lucy in the Sky Whit Diamonds was a song in which many had several versions of what he could mean, but John Lennon said that this song was inspired by a drawing of one of his children, Julian, Lennon He had asked him about the drawing and his son responded by saying that Lucy in the Sky Whit Diamonds was and from there he took inspiration. Although his partner and his former Bel. The song to Day in the Life was written by both, Lennon and McCartney both had different inspirations, while McCartney was inspired by his youth Lennon was inspired by the news of the newspaper. In those omentas he had read the news in the headline the heir of Guiness was killed in a car accident, this song was recorded 1967 and carrying the genre of psychedelic rock.


Without a doubt, The Beatles were pioneers of music and revolutionized this. Without them, music would never have been what we know now and their inspirations are one of the things that most attract attention, their creativity and their beautiful songs reflect these minds so bright and admirable, they took the world by surprise and I took them less than 10 years. The Beatles will be remembered as one of the best and most emblematic rock groups in the world.    

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