The State Of The Theatrary In Spain

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The Covid-19 Pandemia has damaged innumerable industries mainly that of face-to-face entertainment such as cinemas, fairs, circuses and of course the theater. It has caused huge loss of jobs worldwide and has forced states to subsidize certain sectors to be profitable in Spain. But while most of the world is slowly recovering, Spain does not lift up at all. Sinking even more this already mistreated sector.

Theaters around the world are empty, although little by little they recover in part of Asia. In Europe the situation is totally opposite, many of these businesses are breaking and sending people to the street.

Pandemia has prevented tests and actions can be performed normally. Preventing the correct development of such noble art, since each program has been preparing and elaborating the scenarios for months. The team works very close to each other, which makes social distancing almost impossible. Actors cannot maintain social distancing if the scenario does not allow it. The public meets in large numbers and the profit margins are ridiculous, which means that the reduction of the number of people is not sustainable.

The macroeconomic data of the sector:

  • The number of spectators in Spain that reserve tickets for shows after closure has been reduced during the last month to only 10%.
  • 50% of Spaniards would not attend a live theatrical event
  • Only 10% percent of the Spaniards would go to a closed event.
  • The population requires capacity limitations that the sector cannot be allowed.
  • The regulations require unasumable interpersonal distances.
  • Hope is the last thing you lose.
  • All the planet’s industries are needing to adapt, with the arrival of platforms such as Netflix and YouTube, income can be generated if the need to meet with the public in person.


With Twitch, theater actors can broadcast their shows live, on this platform the spectators can make donations and subscriptions to continue keeping the theater alive.

For critics it was great to see artists and cultural organizations offer online content for people who are quarantine at home. Many theaters have offered online transmission of their previous shows so that people enjoy them at home. It is an excellent way to keep your audience committed to the theatrical genre and its content, and even open an alternative entertainment route to people who have never previously attended a theatrical representation.

On the other hand, much of the sector is discontent with the experience generated by a theatrical show via telematics. Since much of the essence of theater is lost. Artists ask for financial aid. The professionals in the sector seek the support of the government to be able to subsist while the pandemic. Experts say that either the subsistence of the sector begins to generate a danger, so they have made numerous claims to capture the attention of the Executive.

They announce that if a vaccine or cure does not come out in the coming months, they can be committed to the most consistent theater producers. Indirect income from the online market can barely pay the operational costs of a theater work, which are very high (personal, production, essays, decorated). This is the reason why they require tax subsidies and deductions to continue with the development of this name art while the pandemic lasts. 

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