The Spirituality Of Co -Responsibility To Comply With The Mission Of Jesus

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The spirituality of co -responsibility to comply with the mission of Jesus


Since 2005 the parish of the Holy Spirit set out to assume the spirituality of co -responsibility to fulfill the mission of proclaiming the good New and modeling Jesus in parish and community life. At that time several workshops were offered on the subject and was incorporated into the parish life. Through the years, fruits have given both in the parish environment, and in the establishment of groups and ministries, especially those of service.

However, as there have been emigration of parish towards other parishes in Puerto Rico or towards the United States and new members have come to be part of our Eucharistic community, we wish through this work, refresh knowledge about spirituality in those who have been with We since then and share with the new components of this spirituality.

We propose to define the spirituality of the co -responsibility, to point out some of the biblical bases on which it is based and identify how the co -responsibility is consistent with the mission that Jesus entrusted to us.


What is co -responsibility?

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, it is the fair and equitable shared distribution of responsibilities. More, in line with the letter of the United States Bishop Conference, it is defined as the response of the grateful disciple.

Other definitions indicate that it is:

  • a daily / continuous conversion process which entails letting old attitudes and assume new more in line with the love of God
  • Collaborate with the Salvation Plan, since salvation is not an individual process, my matter and God. It is a community responsibility to help each other in our salvation process
  • A lifestyle, a spirituality. That is, it is not a fashion that will happen

Finally and more importantly, co -responsibility entails recognizing that everything we have received from God because He loves us, not because we deserve it. As Pope Francis indicates in his apostolic exhortation "The joy of the Gospel", God will reward us in love.

Biblical bases of co -responsibility

  • Genesis Cap.1-2 The Lord strives in creation and especially in creating the man and woman in the image and likeness of him and puts everything at his feet to give name to the created, manage it and be happy. We clarify that the word "manage" is just that; handle what is from another. We are not owners of what the Lord puts in our hands. Wait for us to give fruits and return it multiplied.
  • 1st Sam, 24-28 Ana gives her son to the Lord. With the passage we see how Ana receives what she with so much she asked the Lord, once she gives it to him, she gives it to him. She models the detachment that we must have for the earthly.
  • Psalm 8, 28,35, 36, 40, 52, 67, 86, 109, 111, 116. There are many psalms that tell us about the generosity of God and the infinite love that he has us and why our needs supplement. However, I invite you to pray with Psalm #8 that says among other things “what is the man so that you have given him so much; You did little lower than angels … "
  • Lc 17, 7-10 The duty of the servant. This passage seeks to show us that we should not expect reward for the service we provide
  • Eph 5,20 "… by continuously and all thanks to God". Like many other biblical passages in this, gratitude for God’s generosity emphasizes

Mission entrusted

The co -responsibility allows us to comply with the mission entrusted by Jesus to his disciples and that today touches us. First of all he sent us to love God about all things and others like ourselves. (Mt.22, 37-39). Then he entrusted us to go and make disciples all over the world. (Mt.28, 19), To bear fruit. (Mt.25, 14 and sig. “Parable of talents), to evangelize. (Mt.28, 20) and to search and save what is lost. (Mt.18, 12-14), (Lc.fifteen).

If we assume the spirituality of co -responsibility we will be able to do immersion in prayer. We will feel called to work in the Lord’s vineyard. As a consequence we will enter into a process of discernment about our talents, treasure and time. Finally we will integrate the parish community not as simple consumers of what the "Church gives me", but as servers delivering time, talent and treasure to build the kingdom as modeled Jesus.


Living the spirituality of co -responsibility is to live the gospel and help others to live it; It is to help build the kingdom of God in the portion of the people of God where we have to live, in our case the parish community of the Holy Spirit.

It is nothing other than fulfilling the mission that Jesus entrusted to us and for which we must respond as grateful disciples, as service leaders. It is neither more nor less than modeling Jesus.

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