The Spiritual Phenomenon Of National Identity In Ecuador

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The spiritual phenomenon of national identity in Ecuador

National identity, (El Telegrafo, 2016) is a spiritual phenomenon, at the same time sentimental and ideological, which summarizes an accumulated historical saga. This means that it is an yearning or collective emotion, by which a people identify in common identity signs. That is, it is a set of traditions, customs that unite us as a nation, a feeling of belonging.

We are known as a multicultural and megadiverse country, divided into 4 four natural regions. Galapagos is the cradle of marine life, known by wrinkled and slow giant turtles or blue -legged piquero. Being surrounded by the beaches of Salinas, Montaniña, Olon, Los Frailes, Monpiche at the end of the year burning the old one next to the hot weather invites us to delight a shrimp ceviche, a flag, bolón or onbolled, sitting on the 2000 malelon orThe Petrified Rocks of Puyango or admiring the great Guayas River. In the central corridor of the country, the wedding veils predominate in the forests or, imposing volcanoes ranging from La Guagua Pichincha to the Tungurahua or higher breast like the Cotopaxi, where the Andean black and white wings exhibit the Andean condor flying between mountainsAmong places full of pre -Columbian history, reflected in the constructions of the former Cantuña Indian deceiving the devil by creating the church of San Francisco in the Otavaleños textiles, at the Fiestas del Inti Raymi, in the black dress of the Saraguro;But that it would be without the Yaguar Locro, the Pope’s locro, the roasted guinea pig, the llapingachos, the pillo nickname or the borian. The temperate and lush green vegetation climate is the image of the Amazon, protecting with rituals and arrows, as expresses (Conaie) are the Zionas, Cofanes Woaranis, Shuar, Achuares, in Canoas or feet by the forests of the Yasuni or the Puyo,Evading Tigrillos, Jaguares, accompanied by the recital of parrots or macaws or to the chillido of the monkeys, to advance along the wet paths the gastronomy of the place will help you as the ceviche of Chonta, chicha chewed from cassava, Ceviche de Palmito or the dryof Gaunta.

Being Ecuadorian is also proud. Being Ecuadorians wrapped in the myths and legends that circulate in every corner of the country, is to eat with pleasure each dish in each city, it is to feel the torn strings of the guitar of Julio Jaramillo or feel the albanians or San Juanitos at parties or early mornings of dances, is to dress with the yellow shirt of Ecuador’s soccer team, although no sport is being played.

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