The Society Of Dead Poets

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The Society of Dead poets

The death poet Society

The present writing is intended. This film not only encompasses the educational theme but also the creativity of the human mind in the art of what is the expression, not only written as poems, but in the expression of life, the expression that everyone follows, the meaning that give it to it but sometimes the fear of society or mainly by institutional policies that follow a traditionalist structure of education is sometimes conditioned by their own.

In the case of the film that refers to the 60’s era where they handle the most essential values, honor, discipline and excellence in education and student life, motto used throughout the film, Leaving aside the true values ​​that define us as a person, those who make us better or worse person for simply following a tradition, at the same time it may seem incredible as something as tiny or someone in turn can help us realize Of what we really are and that we want to be or become, here the teacher plays a very important role since he is a guide who will accompany the path of the profession and growth, to be adults to adults, for such Reason is essential the demand and responsibility as a habit in student life, reading and writing, and I do not refer to simply writings as essays or works, but to the ease and freedom to express themselves through it So words.

With the change of the century we could see many improvements in the educational field such as artistic careers that have been incorporated into the new student system and that these play as important role as any other sciences, it is more we could define art as a form Of expression rather than a rebellion because the thought of the human being is reflected both in the philosophy of the human being and in his works, without forgetting that all sciences were born from the study of philosophy and therefore art is in all of them sciences. The evolution that art has had in education teaches us to appreciate and assess what it really means, which did not happen since it was considered negative, or something to practice as a hobby, but not as a profession and thanks to this We have been able to involve art in modern medicine for educational purposes since today models, videos, illustrations, etc. that are made by artists to teach students in this branch.

To conclude the importance that science and art must go hand in Integration of students and get involved in the activities that are developed in the institution, in order to promote their art since at some point in our lives we can need both of them and they of us of us. The plot of the film provides fundamental evidence such as the role of the teacher as a facilitator of the constructive process of knowledge, didactics and strategies that he uses can be essential for the transformation and humanization in student learning.

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