The Socialization Process

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The socialization process


The term socialization can be defined or interpreted as the process by which the human or individual being begins to enter society to adapt and create its own identity. Some of the things that influence this process through each individual are the different cultures, customs, languages, laws, clothing, religions, food and even the advance of the technology that composes that society. Socialization has great importance in each of us because it is who helps us interact, communicate, adapt to our environment and develop our identity in all aspects. 


So much so that it greatly influences the upbringing, education and values with which we were instilled in our childhood and in the adolescence stage. This concept helps us understand the large amount of diversity by which a society is composed. It is very important to exercise the same, since it helps us psychologically, how we should behave and communicate with other people. Its importance is so great because if an individual does not exercise this concept when adapting will be considered as something negative for their actions and this would prevent the development of their identity and adaptation. 

It is also who helps us to interact with the different movements, social classes, political and socioeconomic situations of the different societies of the world. In our development it is of great importance because it allows us to attach in the correct way to technological advances especially in the area of communication. Because each of these media can harm us how to benefit our communication with others. Through our development, lack of socialization can affect us psychologically by isolation. The lack of communication will affect the individual to adapt to society. 

This situation would cause this person to develop their identity in the way that corresponds. The identity of that individual would not be developed by isolation, due to the lack of experiences and communication with others. The goal of the socialization process is for the human being to develop their own identity and learn tolerate diversity in a society. Even to learn from the different cultures that make up the same. Its purpose is to help us get to know each of us and interact with the surrounding environment. 


Including our environment and animals that compose it. In how our cultures, education influence the development of our identity. Even in understanding the different social movements such as abortion and feminism. Which create great controversies in many aspects. Especially in human rights;The parenting, education and beliefs influence each of these movements. They also teach us how the different social classes interact with each other.

Also in the way in which laws and rights influence positively and negatively in each of them. In how we must interact with our relatives, work colleagues, school. In this way we can learn how to behave in different places, since it goes hand in hand with our personality;Our identity. In the end, the purpose or goal is to create more awareness in each of us and allow us to grow as a person;mature to be able to adapt to any society.


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